Fractal Design Core 1000 Side Panel Problem

Hey guys, I built a rig a few months back using the core 1000. Well, I've had these problems since the very beginning but then I opened the case up to clean it. It was a pain to actually get the side panels off but now I cant get them back on correctly. I put them in the same way as all the other cases and I line the holes up with the mechanism, still no luck. The side panel is on put it doesnt snap into place at the moment. Does anybody who owns this case have the same troubles and if so, how to get the panel back on.



I'm guessing that one or two of the metal flanges/tounges (not sure of the ideal word here) on the side panel has gotten bent a bit. Check them out and try to get all to look like new and it should be alright again. If it seem to need force then it's not lining up right.

Thanks for the help