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any vmstat output while doing some heavy I/O on the optane drive ??

Also was the 128G memory kit ECC or nonECC?



You don’t need to put more fans in the top, @wendell . Just remove that radiator mounting plate and the top cover’s plastic panel so that as much air as possible can exit through the mesh panel. That will allow hot air to dissipate on its own with minimal extra noise.

I have a 1070 and 1080Ti (both of the MSI Gaming X variety, so dumping air into the case) in my R5 and simply removing the rear 2 moduvents dropped the GPU temps under load by over 5°C and the CPU temp by 2-3°C whilst dropping CPU and GPU fan speeds (all are on their stock profiles) enough to offset for the loss of sound dampening.

I’m also using 3 intakes and 1 exhaust, the only difference being that my 3rd intake fan is mounted in the side panel instead of at the bottom.

  1. Has the IOMMU situation on the Designare improved over the last time you made a video about this board? Which connections are now grouped together? What’s the ETA on the AGESA update?

  2. Would the NH-U14S TR4-SP3 really fit without interfering with the first PCIe x16 slot? The situation around the RAM also seems quite cozy…


Thanks for the review. I recently put together a designare X399/1950x build thanks to the recommendations on this site.

Gigabyte hasn’t updated the bios since October, so it is unlikely that there have been changes to IOMMU.

The Noctua 14” is great and does not interfere with the first PCIE slot (unlike zenith extreme). The noctua has 3 and 6mm offsets to give more clearance for the pcie slot - either allows enough room. It is a tight fit for RAM, but if you move the cpu fan up there will be enough room to populate all slots.

I have 64gb of RAM running at 2400 with multibit ECC in both Linux+win10 (4x CT16G4WFD824A.18FB1 from QVL ). There is no 128gb ECC on the QVL list. Getting the system to recognize even 4 sticks was a PITA. Ultimately I had to install 1 stick in slot indicated in manual, reboot, install 2nd stick, reboot, etc… to get all recognized.

PS- I do not have the fractal case so I cannot speak to heat sink clearance
PPS- one additional note about RAM: at first the system would intermittently “lose” one of the 16gb sticks. Reseating the CPU in the socket seems to have fixed it. I was surprised that worked but I can’t argue with results.


Thank you for this useful information.

The max height of the CPU in the R6 is 185mm. The NH-U14S stands 165mm tall, maybe somewhat more when the fans are moved up to give more clearance to the RAM. Should be fine in the R6, but maybe not in the Meshify C with a max CPU cooler height of 172mm.



How would you describe your experience with Optane 900P? Would you recommend it over Samsung 960 Pro? What are those cases where you think low latency would benefit the most ?


It’s zippy. The 960 pro is faster than the optane for raw throughput and processing but the optane just feels faster. Insanely faster. It’s disturbing.