Fractal Define R5 or S?

I'm going to make a new x99 build and I'm deciding between the Fractal Define R5 or Define S. I'm planning on getting 2-way SLI, so my concern is that the Define S seems not to have the best exhaust of air flow.

If you do not intend to use more than three 3'5'' drives and don't need to have CD/DVD/Blueray drives, then S might actually be better than R5 for you.

The main drawback for Define S is the dust filters. You need to pull off the front panel to get to the front filter and to get to the bottom one you need to pull it out from the back.

I don't intend to use an optical disk drive. What mostly concerns me is how effective the S will dissipate the airflow from two cards working on full load in games.

Depending on the cards you might need to sacrifice a bit of silence by opening the vents on the case. Otherwise, it should provide a pretty good airflow.

i think that i would go with the R5.
it has a decent amount of space to work with.
And it seems like a nice silent case.