FPS shower

I need a good program to count FPS, and if possible show temps (gpu mostly) in a game. Xfire slows me down sometimes, and FRAPS screws up some of my games such as codwaw multiplayer.

I'm looking for a low profile program... anyone know something like this?


Evga Precision got these features built in

will it work on non-evga cards? I have XFX.

Yeah, It will. Â I use it on my XFX 9800 all the time..your good.

Cool thats what i might use!

Will it work on ATI cards?


What a shame :(

thanks, it works pretty well.

this shower has pretty good FPS

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Or you can use Fraps.

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because he said shower...theres no such word as show-er title of the thread should be "Programs that Show FPS"

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