FPS for games

I was wanting to build a new PC and I don't know how much ram I should get. Will the ram affect my FPS drastically if I have 4 GB ram or does ram not matter with this too much? Is FPS having to do with the graphics card?

It depends on whats going on in the background. Your GPU and CPU are most important, but if you have background apps running while you're gaming, you'll need more than 4gb of ram to make sure you have enough free to avoid using your HDD. Windows is set up to use your HDD as a sort of ram disk when you start running low on ram, and with a modern windows PC and background apps like streaming/skype/torrent/etc you will eat up 4gb of ram pretty quickly. Having more ram will have a negligible effect on FPS, but having too little will cause problems.

^this is a good explanation.  To add on, you may max out 4GB quite often, but 8GB is generally a good enough amount for gaming.

I have yet to see a game put 8GB in their minimum requirements. You would be hardpressed to find a game that has it in their recommended requirements too.

One of the few games that recommends 16GB is Max Payne 3. It also recommends a 3930K too. But you can get away with 2GB and a Dual Core in that game though.

To add to what Mc_Nibbles was talking about, Google Chrome and Youtubes flash will suck horrendous amounts of Ram. Chrome takes up massive amounts of ram, in comparison to IE11 it takes twice the amount of ram. Steam is a very minimal ram consuming program, usually 20MB or lower, but opening task manager will help you close any ram sucking programs and using CCleaner can you help you stop them from opening on startup as well as clean up some other flaws.

You would be okay with 4GB ram. It might drop slightly if you want to max out Triple A games in 1080p or above, but if your GPU is good it shouldn't go to unplayable. FPS is mainly attributed to your GPU and CPU. Overall I'd recommend 8GB or even 16GB at 2k, 3k, or 4k.. but not usually 1080p.