FPS Drops

So I have been playing Planetside 2 for a while now. The game was running stabile like a month (20-30 FPS) ago but now its just constantly droping from 40 FPS to 0 and it just so sad. I see an enemy and I start to shoot the second I ADS the frames just drop and i can´t do nothing. It´s unbearable to play like this at least few months ago I would be fine with maybe 2-3 FPS drops in 10 minutes when there was a big battle. I play with a laptop whit every thing minimum and shadows turned off. I have tried putting screen resolution to 1024x766 even. But it keeps doing it again. And I know that they are trying to fix Planetside 2 FPS issues.

My laptop specs:

Toshiba Satellite L755-13T (maybe this will help also http://www.toshiba.ru/discontinued-products/satellite-l755-13t/ I could not find any english sites)

I5-2410M 2,3GHz-2,9Ghz


GeForce GT 525M 1GB

640 GB 

Im no expert but your GPU is probably not powerful enough to keep the frame rate consistent. Could also be overheating. Have you monitored CPU and GPU temps while idle and while playing? Look for any sudden temp or usage increases when your FPS drops. Overheating is a huge problem with laptops, even the high end alienware gaming laptops. Its possible its a issue with your drivers or a new planetside 2 patch but its more likely its just that your system is not powerful enough and overheats which causes the CPU and GPU to automatically throttle back. Im honestly surprised you have been able to play a game as massive as planetside 2 at all. I have a decent gaming desktop and almost every time i get frame rate drops it due to overheating. Most if not all CPU's and GPU's have built in systems that reduce clock speed, voltage ect.. when the processor's begins to overheat. Its there to keep you from frying the components. If you have not already down load CPU and GPU monitoring programs like CPUID HWmonitor and MSI afterburner and see what the temp and load does while doing a variety of thing on your computer. Whatever you do most. Make sure you do idle tests like just basic web browsing. Watching some HD videos, use and CPU intense programs you have and most of all play a couple of games and watch for how high the temps gets and how much of the CPU and CPU are being used. 

Well I have done some tests but not in idle. The maximum was I think 96C but I was running Planetside 2 for like 6 hours straight before the results. But the temps keep steady 80-90 C when I am playing other games like TF2, CS: GO etc. BIOS says that the max CPU temp can be 105C and intel says its 100C. Thank god Im getting a new PC in the beginning of summer.

Sounds to me like throttling due to high temps. There might be a build up of dust and junk in your fan/ventilation, hindering proper air flow. See if you can pop the cover off and clean it out with an air duster.