Fps drop when I move my mouse

Starting yesterday during anygame where I have to rely on the mouse to move the camera such as league of legends or tf2 my fps drops dramatically making it unplayable , but if I remain still or move with not touching the mouse the fps remains the same.


thank you

system specs? they're not on your profile... (what mouse and gpu specifically)

what fps do you normally get?

I apoligize for that I just joined and still settings things up


amd phenom 9500

asus m3a

3gb drr2 ( not 100% sure of the frequency ) 

msi gts 430

razer deathadder


I know its not the best system and I do need to upgrade but it was very stable before and within in the games I would get over 60 fps at 1600x900 dip when teamfights or heavy things. 

your system is all old (except the mouse :P)

that doesn't mean it NEEDS an upgrade if it gets you 60fps and you like that don't change yet.

BUT, older hardware will run less consistant. Not only do newer hardware have more power for higher fps, they have mush better everages and lows, ~that is my explanation.

there i more to it though,i don't think hardware is the real cause of it. check to see if drivers are updated and possibly scan for viruses.

I know lol but it kinda sucks that I basically have to run the computer off a usb to start it up ( time to put it down lol ) 


Ive done all of that already and just dont know that happened. I also didint do any changes, I was thinking of trying another old grahics card I have laying around and seeing if that changes anything.

I go to a forum and ask people my frame rate drops when I do this...

to which we reply,

"Dont do that then"

Ba da bum, tch! 

... I am terribly sorry, i couldnt resist :)

>.> ITS NOT FUNNY!!!... D: 

but seriously lol its fine just thought you guys would know something , also i tried using a diffrent graphics card and the same problem is there 

I am sorry, normally dont do that sort of thing... I just couldnt resist. Please forgive me?


You say you are booting from usb?

Might I ask what type of usb?

I am thinking a combination of low memory (3gb), usb data transfer speed and the drive that you currently have set to the page file (if any) might be causing massive bottlenecks

  • USB 1.1 = 12 Mbit/s
  • USB 2.0 = 480 Mbit/s
  • USB 3.0 = 5 Gbit/s
  • eSATA = Up to 6 Gbit/s

I recently suffered massive frame rate drops in a few of my games like you have and bizarrely it turned out to be because I had turned virtual memory off.. (I have 32gb of ram so I thought I wouldnt need it) once I switched it back on everything went back to normal...bizarre

It's fine i was only joking around :P . Well I dont really boot of it, what happened was that my computer randomly got ntldr is missing and looking for a fix i turned the usb into a bootable recovery tool ( got it off some website ) and for me to log into windows I have to boot off it. Everything has been fine since its just weird that it started yesterday.