FPS Displaying Program

Hey guys, I'm looking for a simple, lightweight program that displays FPS in a similar way that DXTory or Fraps, MSI afterburner, etc would. Of course I could simply use these programs, but I would like another program that is small/portable which is merely to display FPS.

(Frames per second)



You've already listed the best programs for this.

Those programs are filled with other functions and aren't as simple to set up

I set up afterburner's OSD in about 5 minutes. Not painful at all.

Fraps is really easy. You can choose the corner with which the overlay appears. It isn't particularly intrusive. However, if it blocks some of your HUD, in a particular game, you can choose a key with which to remove the overlay.

It couldn't be simpler. I can't really think of alternatives to these programs.

Try EVGA Precision X? Though, it is probably less intuitive than the aforementioned programs.

+1 Dxtory. 

For some games you can display the fps ingame with some commands for example in Goldsource engine games you can type cl_showfps 1 to have fps or net_graph 3 with more information.

I think it will use even less performance then those 3rd party programs.