Found some old cd's. Found nostalgia

I'm going to install all of these to see if they still work.

Oh nostalgia I found my half life platiumum cds but they didnt work so I just activated the steam keys lol

I still have a half-life disc that doesnt have a cd key.  So these might install properly, but as far as online is concerned....  I doubt it


Hahaha, awesome!  I think I have mine somewhere too as well as opposing force. Also, I still have a PC Gamer demo disk or two, that have the zombie mod, "They Hunger." Definitely still one of the best "zombie" games. 

Anyone else remember it?

This is all I could find.  I know I either have more, or used to and they're gone now.  The mags with missing covers were from March 1999 and September 1999.

hahahaha, oh god. I remember every one of those. I wish I kept them.