Found i7 4770k haswell!

I found this on a Chinese shopping site!

It looks legit and it is priced and you can buy one!

Really? Do you think that you can buy an unreleased i7 for 20 USD?


Edit: Capital Letters

I've heard stories of E-stores all over the world listing new Haswell chips, complete with prices. However, they aren't actually available to buy. With Haswell launching in a matter of weeks, many stores will have some sort of Haswell inventory. It is probably just prepartory.

On closer inspection, this chip is socket 1155. Read the description, it is one of the very few parts understandable in English. I believe Haswell is going to be the 1150 socket. This casts even more doubt. Still, we only have to wait a matter of weeks

But the site says the chip is socket 1150

It actually says both. I can see the "1150" half way down. Good on you for spotting it. However, nearer the top of the page it does say "1155". There is every chance that this is wrong, I am not able to read Chinese. Let's not get too excited since we will see any legitimate Haswell chips in a few weeks.

Is it just me, or does the chip look like its made outta cardboard?

The information on the top is mislabeled since the website hasn't put in an option for 1150, but from my information ( I do read Mandarin ) this is legit and it is an preorder option just like some euro computer sites. The price is quite accurate just a little more pricey than the current gen.