Found a positional leak in my watercooling loop

I flipped my case over on its side to switch out the cpu and post test another cpu. During the time frame of pulling and replacing the cpu I found a minor leak. (a few drops over the half hour on the side) currently, running a leak test for a few hours, and nothing seems to be leaking so far. (don’t think I’ll find a leak in the vertical position) Going to double check and pinpoint the leak when I flip the system back on its side to put the old cpu back in.

Would it be safe to run the computer if I determine the leak only happens while on the side? I know I should fix the fittings with the issue, and probably just run distilled water till I can get treated fluid replacements. I just really need this system back up.

Personally i wouldn’t risk, if its leaking on its side it may be due to a faulty o-ring or stripped fitting, as it is leaking on the side it may just as well start leaking when its in the upwards position or may even result in a water spray should the pump run too fast.
Think about it, could be a large hit.

Yeah, you’re right. I just hope it isn’t from the radiator expanding and puncturing a fin.

I just found a huge drip under the case, but have no idea where it came from. Hopefully it’s from whatever leaked earlier.