Found a new Music Player for Linux - 'Tomahawk'

Official Website:

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Installation in Ubuntu

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tomahawk/ppa 
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install tomahawk

Other Distributions, Windows, Mac and Android

Nah, this is not very stream line. It's ok if you like cloud based music, but it is a complete nightmare if you own all your own music.

When you to collections, I should not have to hit the artists, then the album, and then a song. I know that sounds rediculous, but the problem is that if you decide you want to listen to something else, you will start to open other artists and so on. By the time everything is said and done, it would have been cleaner and easier to just have a giant list of all your songs.

It's sad that this program is so ass backwards because it does look very nice, and it actually works.

Banshee is my favorite music player, and the program is buggy as hell. I STILL can not play MP3s on banshee even though every other program I have can.

Really? i use banshee and it plays my mp3's no problem. Idk if it makes a difference but all my music is in a shared folder on my nas i just go to t and select all and hit enter and it opens in banshee and adds everything to a playlist and starts playing.

You can have a "giant list of all your songs" by clicking 'Songs' on collection. That's how I roll it anyway.

I like to see my album art so for now at least I'm running this.

The Idea behind Tomahawk is beautiful. But it offers almost too much in one package and therefore is heavy on the system to no end. I have understood that Clementine is pretty powerfull with large mp3 collection but you probably have already taken a look at it.

With music playing it's using 277MB of RAM. It should be fine on a modern machine.

Tomahawk is a sexy music player but it has a few problems with library having no integration. The cloud play is great but it needs work.

It has TONS of potential and I am excited for its future especially after talking to the developers a few months ago but they have no roadmap for when the features I want will be complete. So I'll keep paying attention to it but still using other apps. :)

Just tried this out. It is not for me. I guess it would be nice for people that like to stream music, but for someone like me who has all their songs saved onto my pc, doesn't do what I need to do. Though I was able to use it for about thirty minutes with no instabilities, still not for me. If it had the ability to play music that you have on your computer better, it would be something I look into using more.

I just can't dump my trusty mocp lol, especially with drop down terminal it is awesome. >.>

Thats a fair point. Spotify takes care of my music needs and its not that light either. For Mp3s i am perfectly fine with something like deadbeef much like @gerkinyagerkin

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