Found a low end Nvidia GPu in my laptop

Hello Guys,


SO ia hev purchased a Dell Latitude laptop from a private seller and it got a little surprise in it! Well an energy hogging nvidia 720m .. soo

I was wondering if you had any tips how to get the best out of an i5-4310U+ nvidia 720m right now, iam planning on shutting the discrete gpu down for obvious reasons. If it could be configured to take something over like physiX or something like that ...

Well, let me know, would you thanks:)

If it were me I'd just use the intel graphics. The low end nvidia chips imho arent that much chop.

usually with laptops, The intel chip does all the processing of video untill you need the extra power where it turns on the dedicated gpu. I would leave it. As long as you dont force the 720 on all the time it should have the same battery life as if it was never there.

What will you be using this laptop for?