Fostex TH-500RP, good purchase?

I just ordered the Fostex TH-500RP on Amazon because they were $550 off and I was really wanting the HiFiMan HE-500 (also planar magnetic) so I pulled the trigger on this because I didnt know how long this sale would last or if I would ever see a sale on the HE-500 any time soon.

Does anyone have any experience with these headphones or with planar magnetic drivers in general? My only other decent quality headphones are the Audio Technica ATH-A900X and V-Moda Crossfade M-100.


You may end up liking them but to be honest the HiFiMan HE 500 is amazing. No overstatement whatsoever its one of my favorite cans I have ever tried. If porperly amped they reveal detail like Senn. 800's and have fun tones like HD 650. Fatastic on all counts.

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Looking through reviews in various places these are, more often than not, compared to the HE-500/560, which (combined with the price) is why I ordered them. I wish I had the chance to do a direct comparison though :(

Fostex are known as one of the secrets of the industry. They never get much press but the make really great cans that last for years and are built like tanks. I have tried out a number of modded Fostex headphones; mad dog pros, vaders, etc... and also the 900's which are amazing if you're a closed back fan (which I am). You probably made a good decision without even having heard these particular cans.

When you get them, if you are happy with them, the awesome. Buyer's remorse is a real pain in the ass, but you shouldn't ask other people if they think that you made a good buy. In the end, only your opinion matters.

The only problem I've had with factory fostex is the clamping force is usually through the roof. Granted I've never spent more than $200 on a pair, but it's been a problem that takes a few months to work itself out.