FOSS that finds HDD serial numbers

I’m looking for software that can grab HDD serial number data from Windows and Linux systems over small networks- something free because I will used it, then un-install and move on, otherwise I would probably just use Eracent.

Or am I nuking it and should just use PS and Bash scripts?

wmic diskdrive get serialnumber

will give it for windows

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I think In Linux they’re listed in “/dev/disk/by-id” (or something like that).

^ Those are the UUIDs, not the serial numbers.

I would use smartmontools on Linux; the command would be:

smartctl -i /dev/[drive in question]

You do need to use sudo though, and the output will be:

smartctl 6.…
Copyright (C) 2002-…

Device Model:     …
Serial Number:    …

A quick glance through the FAQ suggests that their might be some issues on Windows, depending on the driver, and OSX also has driver limitations and needs a third party driver to interface with USB/Firewire drives.

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Serial number are still in that dir…

should start as




then it’ll be

“model number”


“serial no.”


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Ah, thanks. Today I Learned.