FOSDEM 2018 edition: videos available

@wendell I know a guy who is heavily involved with the FOSDEM 2018 video capturing, and they are doing quite a job releasing the videos extremely fast (using a nearly automated process). They have a YouTube channel with tons of presentations (already a few hundreds). Definitely worth checking out, a quick shout-out on the show wouldn’t harm either :wink:


I will check it out…thanks for the link.

I’ve not had a change to look at these yet, I know there’s some interesting talks this year.

The videos are also here if you don’t want to use youtube

And the schedule here, which gives info on the talks and links to the videos

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Pinned until Sunday in the Linux category.

Awesome…I was looking for these.


IoT is going to be shit storm soon enough.

Steam games targeting kernel well ubuntu 12.04 agree. its now end of life.

Divinity Original Sin…Broken does not work.
Sword Coast Legends…Broken does not work
War for the Overworld … Broken does not work.
As I buy steam games made for 12.04 ubuntu :frowning:

Solus LSI to the rescue?

There’s the rub that games on linux must use Nvidea closed source drivers and solus etc can’t run on kernel 4.16 with open source drivers to game.

Perhaps the wrong place to bring it up, but this isn’t actually a Linux issue, the developer knows the problem, knows the fix they need to apply and have decided instead to drop Linux support completely (hense why the second game isn’t on linux), instead of pushing a fox of their poor code.

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That circle back to containers …If your a terrible coder or cant be bothered perhaps put it in bottle.
The guys from War of the overworld posted me back on why the patch broke my game on linux as well …1 year later still broken.

Hey Marten,

Sorry to be the barer of bad news but we do not officially support non-debian Linux distros.

The exact issue you are experiencing is a failure of our UI middleware, CoherentUI. We are looking to upgrade to the new version in the coming weeks, which may correct this issue but we don’t currently have a date locked in.

Unfortunately until that happens the best I can suggest is for you to attempt to force your discrete GPU to be used for the WFTO process.

This was one time where my game working fine then a patch and its broken and try roll back a steam game.