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At the moment, it’s 99% administrator work, so that pretty much falls squarely on me.

I appreciate the offer though. If I find that I need anything, I’ll reach out.

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The way most find as a way to give back is by learning something for yourself on something and then sharing your knowledge back to the community whether a normal post or a wiki. Here is an example: Installing Debian [A normal users guidelines episode 0x01]

Most of the time the backend work on the forum cannot be aided by non moderators… :slight_smile:

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Big +1 from me on this.

Consider where you are. Know your audience. You can do things in the lounge that you can’t do in a help desk thread and vice versa. You can say something to one person but not another, etc.



You missed out group tag @BSD unless you didn’t want freqlabs the be branded and shamed all on their own half of the net…



TL2 is the regular one one that allows you to edit titles and other stuff?

Not getting on my soapbox here, but I participate a regular amount and have once had that now don’t, I rarely partake in giveaways though I have done and have also posted my own for others, but that feels restricting.

It is not a huge leap to TL1 but you still need to be here and doing something. I feel that is the best option.

Though that said I would not mind more important or higher profiles giveaways being TL2. Guess it depends on what’s being given away.

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tl5 is admin?
tl4 is leader
tl3 is title and category manipulation
tl2 is member
tl1 is basic
tl0 is new



@OpenSUSE reee

I can imagine these being useful for “hey im having trouble with X problem on arch, can someone who uses @arch help me?”



no tl5. Just moderator and admin groups respectively after tl4

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Jolly good carry on. Thanks for that too.



are ware games like the text games from the BBS days or what in the world is it?



Think like stuff or hackthebox.



Speaking of BBS, is that something we could have added in @sgtawesomesauce? Community project type thing perhaps?



We have a DIY Corner now and we’ve had projects and events for a while.

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It’s actually,

TL7 - Owner
TL6 - Admin
TL5 - Mod
TL4 - Leader
TL3 - Regular
TL2 - Member
TL1 - Basic
TL0 - Anonymous

But Adubs is technically correct. My hierarchy is for illustration purposes. Since there are slight different in the top 3 slots.

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Btw fwiw I thought the mods could do a lot of the forum re-arranging without admin permission. So I am dense sometimes. I saw an earlier post to the effect of I’m too busy to do stuff. Am busy, but I didn’t want to be the one to tear up the driveway to put a flower bed in as it were. Plus I thought mods had the power to manage cats/subcats. Oops



I’ll have to look, there may be some config for that.



Knowing how particular the authors of the software are about their deliniations of what has what power… I would not be surprised if there was an absence of such a thing. They are very deliberate and methodical… So not sure this fits into their “vision”.

That being said they have a strong belief in the TL system auto regulating itself if left “untampered” not sure if that pans out IRL vs paper



I think it was added but it might have been another beta site i noticed that on