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Forum Update 0x00: init 6


Welcome one and all, to another Forum Update!

Thank you

Today marks 7 days of me having Admin privileges on the forum. This is something I treat as a great honor and not a responsibility I bear lightly. I just wanted to reiterate how honored I am for everyone trusting me to help move the forum in a direction the community wants to go in.

Now, down to business. I’d like to start by outlining the current status of my list of action items.


We’ve voted on 6 items that needed leadership consensus. The voting closed on Sunday night and all 6 passed! Implementation will begin in a first-in first-out manner. I have other items that are already in progress, so I’ll be finishing those first.


The following things are on my list, but I haven’t started working on them yet:

More Badges

I’ve heard the calls for more badges. Heimdallr created a thread for community suggestions for the badges. Although I haven’t been active in the thread, I’ve been watching and I’ll start adding badges soon.

More Emoji

People want emoji as well. I’m more than happy to add more. Adubs has given some good recommendations already. I’ve created a thread here to track emoji requests.


People have suggested wargames. I’m not sure how we want to do this, or if we even have the community interest, so I’ll be creating a thread for this in the next couple days to discuss it. Frankly, this is going to require a lot of work from a few people to make it work, so let’s just see if we can flesh out a plan and solidify some interest before committing to making it happen.

Update Rules

We have some rule changes coming down. This is mostly in regards to rule 2, which you’ll hear more about below. I also want to add some possible examples or helper threads.

Ideas for community engagement

We need to think about how to engage the community more. Giveaways, challenges, events, one-time badges?! Any of these could work. I haven’t put much thought to it yet since I’ve been busy handling other action items that you’ll hear about below.

Community Gathering / Gaming section

This was an idea that was tossed out there. I don’t see it as a bad idea, but I feel like we already have this on the forum. Maybe discord could use it? (I don’t have admin over there :stuck_out_tongue: )

In Progress

Appoint someone as a “showcase manager” and flesh out the role

Pre-tekxit, we had a community manager who was very helpful. We need something like that again. I’m still trying to flesh out what this might be, but for now, I’m thinking the person makes a monthly thread basically showcasing some of the good stuff from the community? Maybe more active pinning? Maybe a badge can be integrated as well?

Ask mods to re-commit to doing the job

I’m in the process of outlining what the “job” of moderator is. I’m getting input from Wendell and the other mods on this one, and we’ll probably post a separate update dedicated to this later, since it’s taking longer than I was hoping to get this all sorted out.


Create distro-specific opt-in groups

We’ve created the following opt-in interest groups. We expect that we’ll start to see occasional usage of these group tags (can only @ a group if you’re a member or a mod)

Let me know if there are more you’re interested in seeing. I’m toying with the idea of Windows an OSX groups.

Completed items

Opt-in Politics!

Last week, we implemented an opt-in @politics group, with a locked category. If you’re interested in joining that, go ahead and submit an application. We’ve set it to application required for the time being, since this is just a pilot. This is going to require a change to Rule 2, considering Politics will now be allowed on the forum, in the Politics category.

Move wiki and how-to to the top of the categories view

Pretty simple, I’ve moved the wiki and how-to to the top of the categories list. Not super fancy, I know, but it’ll give the wikis better visibility than being all the way at the bottom.

Create Sysadmin Mega Thread

In an effort to move our sysadmin-style discussion out of the Leader Lounge, oO.o created the Sysadmin Mega Thread. This thread aims to be a general discussion (not helpdesk) thread for people who are interested in anything related to system administration. Feel free to swing by and take a look.

Create VFIO category

We have created a new VFIO category under Software and Operating Systems. I am requesting that people use that category now. Pretty simple, huh.

Adjust minimum search term length

We’ve had a few requests to adjust the minimum search term length. After discussion with Wendell, we adjusted it down to a minimum (inclusive) of 3. This should help when searching things like BSD, ZFS, etc… We’re still monitoring the system for this since Wendell mentioned it had created a very large database index. If we need to roll this back, we’ll post another update, but since it’s been implemented since July 3, I think we might be okay.

Create DIY Corner

Since we didn’t have an explicit category for DIY projects, they usually landed in Blog. Others, along with myself, felt that didn’t quite do the awesome projects our users are creating justice, since Blog has always felt like an “other” or catchall category for threads. Feel free to move your project or create a new thread if you’ve got something you’d like to share!

I plan on doing one of these updates every couple of weeks as we’re making changes to the forum, to keep the community in the loop about what the Administration team is up to. After that, these threads will pop up as things happen.


Badge Recommendation Post
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A lot to unpack here, but imho, all great changes.

Good job dude :+1: @sgtawesomesauce



abusing these tags has the same consequences as abusing the mod tag



So there’s no system reboot??

You got me with the title.

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I’m attempting to use percussive maintenance to reboot the mindset of some people on the forum.




Okay me being a dingus aside I like seeing all this. Ill hope on maker corner when I get the chance to make some content



We should clearly define abuse … and it shouldnt be they used it and it annoyed me so aboose…

The reason people do well on other forums is because moderation is cut dry and clearly defined and action is taken in the same manner



You wont get banned first offense but its impossible to define a rule for every possible way you could abuse an @ message, It will be taken on a case by case basis and users of the groups.

Use common sense, mods are pretty good about not crushing people on first offenses and explaining what was done incorrectly.



I haven’t finished the post yet so I may edit this, but totally all for wargames, just saying…

Edit: Finished the post, love the ideas! Can’t wait to see how the community evolves and sounds like some great ideas moving forward. Thanks for the post!

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not possible, if people start leaving the group due to excessive tagging, user gets booted



What I mean is define excessive. Some users get annoyed at one tag… other dont care how many. Its rather arbritrary



If the post is not very relevant to everyone in the group it’s excessive.




See thats all I asked for



I’m not making an arbitrary deifintion for something subjective. We are too focused on thresholds when we should be concerned with context.



I see your point.



Thank you @sgtBBQsauce @sgtawesomesauce!

Only if there is a minimum of the user having to be TL1 or above before the giveaway starts, or something similar in my opinion. A giveaway with no barrier to entry will definitely get traffic, but not a whole lot of lingering traffic.



Yeah, we tend to restrict past giveaways to TL1 or TL2.



It should remain there. I mean think about it… You should participate in the community forum for forum giveaways

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i like the proposed changes and would also like to offer to help in anyway I can
I have learned a lot from this community and feel the need to give back.