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Forum site having issues


Login was fine with Google signin
“Intro” stopped in the middle of “open your 1st notification” (after clicking profile icon, when you you move anywhere except the top the opaque white bg of the “Intro” comes up.

while trying to get to:

I get:
Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

and at the forum home:
Network Error
while trying to load /404-body
Please check your connection.
(and Json=??? something, it went away before I could read it) didn’t send any data.

Are you being DDoS’d atm, or have you installed your forum on an Arduino? :wink:

BTW I am using Vivaldi browser


PS I did not check the page (server?) sorry


I suppose you tried to acces an area of the forum that you dont,
have acces to yet.
Because you just joined the forum’s.
As soon as you participate and visit the forum more,
you will climb at the trust level ladder.
TL2 member will give you acces certain area´s that you don’t have acces to yet.


as in mine

(edit: what I can make a new topic, but I have to wait for moderator to make replys to my own post ??? )


Are you still unable to check your own profile ? I remember having some issue when I registered. Can you try to log out and log in again ?


Yeah. Discourse rules are quite bad. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can view your preferences page. I assume it’s a trust level issue.


(or was that just an alert? silly programmers)

seems to be fine atm, but thats why I asked if the server was getting hammered for some reason

or is the forum on a Discord server?


Maybe that could be it too


Here you can learn more about the cons and pros of the trust ranks -

It is not as far as I know.


We use discourse for the fourm. We do have a discord server tho as well:


Is it fixed now? :wink:


discord, discourse = confuddled (thanx for info :slight_smile: )

There seems to be a lot of active users, so maybe it was just a traffic issue

Yos - I just noticed more than I would have otherwise because I just signed up and it was beginning th “Intro” which stopped

PS someone should contact the programmers and get them to disable browser notifications if you are on that thread page (I’m just saying …)


Nope your account triggerd our system for fast typing,
and there for got silenced.
I fixed that.

So i guess your problem is fixed now?

Edit: actually @Goalkeeper seem to have been a fraction of a second faster with fixing it.


We can just say that you did it. :sunny:


The actuation point of the forum is about the middle of the screen, so if the end of a post you get a notification for passes the middle of the screen the notification will disappear. This is making sure you have seen the post/notification.


We probablly both checked at the same time,
but according to log, you was faster… :stuck_out_tongue:


the " pinged by the system for fast typing" was afetr I made a second (this) post, my 1st reply

seems like Discourse need some ironing out still - BUT THE MAIN IS WAS NETWORK/SERVER RELATERD AND THAT SEEMS TO HAVE CLEARED ITSELF UP - THANKS for quick assists

(Yasis the chat keeps Capitalising my text ???)


You probably toutchted caps lock with your pinky idk :wink:


nah I’m a web developer, I attract bugs like a neon light :slight_smile:

that was the true error from my end, apparently.

well now I guess I’ll have to be patient and wait for someone to respone to my Optane on Linux question


That’s nice. :slight_smile:

Of course dicourse isn’t without its bugs,
like pretty much any forum engine on the planet.


I have helped fixed a few in the past, but apart from Raspberry Pi I dont really use forums any more… thanks again for the assists, and being so quick really made a difference