Forum Ranks

Hi Logan and the team!

So i am a member of a number of forums and i really want a feature to make this the perfect forum....


So people can question the credibility of the answers.


Greetings From Iceland!


Coming from someone who was around when IGN made the transition on their forums to "ranked" after forcing you to pay them for such commodities, I don't get behind that idea as it opens up elitism in the idiots and entitlement to the not-so-idiots.

No no i mean like the already existing XP system the more xp you have the better the rank, no bullshit such as paid ranks.

I find that some ranking systems tend to be weird and create a strange environment sometimes.

However, I think if done right, a ranking system could be pretty effective in making sure good content is seen and bad content is not seen. I've always admired Stack Overflow's response system, if you have nothing relevant to add to the discussion, your post will not be accepted.

But in the sense of a traditional forum, you don't really need to rank threads or posts on how good they are. I think the whole ranking system thing (up votes, down votes, etc) would be better for an appropriate section like Inbox Questions. 

That's what I referring to. People begin to get caught up and start shit posting because they want an extra star, symbol or device next to their name on the forum and this leads to the problems I stated above.

That's exactly what i was thinking Zim.

I agree. if there was a ranking system for post count, like the XP section is, there would be tons of people posting "Lol" or "I agree." posts, insead of actually adding to the thread or ideas.

I personally think, as a moderator of several subforums that we do not need a ranking system. To demote one person as a higher rank tends to create a systematic hatred of lower ranks. As I have observed on other forums throughout time this creates large problems for a community. Anyways, here on Tek Syndicate its just a lot simpler being equal to one another. It is a lot simpler to act as a community instead of a competition.

Just my thoughts. 

well, there are qite a few members that are extremely knowledgable in specific subjects, and if someone says something horridly incorrect, usually more knowledgable members step in and say: "hey, that's not right", and proceed to correct them.

In my opinion on forum ranks, linus's ranking system is balls to the walls.

We used to have a basic ranking system, a long time ago. Logan must have got rid of it when tek syndicate was born. I can't remember much about it, all I can remember is you became a "master" once you hit 500 posts.

Was that on the "razethew0rld" website? And 500 posts isn't that much lol

Never been fan of that crap, it's inequality. Never been a fan of the rating system, all that thumbs up-thumbs down crap. No point in using that

Go join the army if you want ranks! 

It doesnt need to be ranked by number of posts, insted someone should be able to click a button and give you +1 points or something if you give a credible answer that helps them.

Logan's and Wendel are working on an 'upvote' type system for the new website that puts the best answer(s) to questions at the top.

Ok, why have a ranking system... it only gives people the "i am better than you" mantality, aka look at Call of Duty... which I have live with all my like becase i am not the fastest or the best. But in esance of helping people I would agree on Tankata's "upvote idea"

Like said before we have an XP system. +2 for each comment +5 for every new post. and -2 or 5 if either one of them gets deleted by a mod.

You can't see other peoples XP yet though. but you can see your own.

I doesnt matter, that kind of system... especially if made public will ruin a community.

I agree-

It makes people judge each other.

Here's what i think we should have.

Mods should have something to identify them. Overlords their own and forum-specific their own.

XP remains private. I like looking back on what i have and i could care less what other people have.

Once you reach a certain xp though you can have a small signature possibly. But i don't like sigs because it takes up space on the forum and i like it clean.

or, once you reach a certain xp you can give yourself a nickname. along side your username.