[Forum Poll] System Admin/ Network Technician Looking to Learn a Language

  • Python
  • C++
  • VBScript and VBA
  • Lua
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • Perl


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I have experience in Java and BASIC but other than that I'm a code newbie. I'm mostly looking for something I can use to automate things on networks running Windows and Linux. I don't have an exact project yet but I've used code online to do things like group policy and drive mapping.

From what I understand the best scripting languages don't require an explicit compiler. I was originally drawn toward ether Python or VBScript but I thought I would poll the forum. Let me know if your language suggestion isn't on the list.

Python is pretty good for automating some things

The following is a good free guide [You can buy it if you want] for some of the stuff you can do with python:


Python is my go to language for systems administration/automation, it works very well on Linux as Python is pretty much integrated into the system and it makes it super easy to automate stuff. Also, in some cases where it makes sense I use bash scripting to automate some stuff on Linux that would otherwise be more complex to code in Python compared to bash.

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Do check out Ansible if you're going to learn Python.