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Forum Meta Discussion 2019 2nd Edition


This isnt a democracy though

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my summary of it is

  1. its unrealistic to bring back politics so must remain as the Forum Rule 2 but be loosely enforced upon the lounge as it stands

  2. No flaming gets added to forum rules and removed from Enhanced Rule Set™

  3. has caused more problems than solved, remove entirely

  4. Remove, dump your emotions and be prepared for people to respond



I disagree with outright abolishing them, but we can rework them if necessary. So rule 6 is more or less a vicious cycle from what it seems.



It’s just to see how the genpop feels about them



The rules were implement to pander to a very small group of people, they should definitely be revised.

This looks good

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Would be nice to do updates threads every month or 2 like this

☕ Level1 Community Update - August?

highlighting the community work being done and so on.




We dont have any forum affecting announcements like in that thread at the moment although a monthly highlights could be a thing? I don’t think it would be necessary as good threads tend to garner enough attention on their own on top of me pinning them

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Consolidating the monthly highlights would be useful I think, could also encourage more high quality threads for clout (or offer a badge idk)

Idk I liked it, that and the “break a leg”/“just do it” monthly challenge should be a thing I think.



I will follow this topic and make some notes.



I’ll pay three fiddy for



I feel as though a “no politics” rule is counterproductive, and frankly, stupid given the content of Level1Techs itself.

New legislation, enforcement of existing laws, and court rulings are all inherently political topics. They seem to get a pass because they’re tech related, but they are political. You can’t have a sane discussion about the government’s role in the tech industry without politics.

Moreso, the fact that Level1Techs doesn’t subscribe to the YouTube Hivemind mentality is a crucial part of why I’m drawn to their content, and what makes it valuable to me.

Discussing politics is fine (and fun!) Heated disagreement over politics is fine, too. If someone here can’t remember to attack positions rather than people, let the screen door hit them on the way out.

Cull the people who can’t handle reasonable discussion, rather than limiting what can be discussed.

Finally, if the thread consolidation thing wasn’t an April Fool’s Day thing, plase reconsider that. That decision turned many of my favorite topics on this forum into my least favorite thread (The Lounge), and will disourage me from returning.



The issue is getting a user to manage it, they’ve always been done on a volunteer basis

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That rule came from the admin team



Ya, I think it would be easier if there was a format for it, idk been thinking about it and may have something at the end of the month (or just do one next month).



Thats why the tech policy exemption exists. Staff then judges if a discussion strays too far off course, we’ve had people advocate for the assassination of Ajit Pai before



Well if people could just discuss politics in a mature and polité way, and respect other people´s opinions.
Then political discussions should not be a problem at all.
But unfortunately that isn´t really the case.
The reason why we decided this rule is because it proofed,
manny times in the past that politics and be discussed in a mature way.

This does not mean that i dont understand what you mean.
But it´s basically the users themselfs who made us,
to get on with this drastic rule.





make a politics containment thread, and make what happens there stay there



thats the lounge



Then the lounge needs to have less burdensome rules