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Forum Meta Discussion 2019 1st Edition


does it still filter it out if you put it between graveticks?



Thanks! :+1: :slightly_smiling_face: I appreciate that too.



No. You could just be a decent human being. the lounge isnt permission to be a complete degenerate. Why do people keep thinking this.



I believe that’s a Discourse thing (The forum software) and not something that can be changed. I’m not sure, though.



@Phantom seems to have removed the filter :slight_smile:

Thank you @Phantom!

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From what I understand the requirements and permissions for the trust levels can be tweaked on the admin side and mods can upgrade/downgrade users manually, but the basic framework is always going to be there. I believe Eden was the one that manually set me to TL2 a while back?

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Yeah, that’s the jist of it. I don’t know if we can let users see their own requirements for leveling up or not though.



Hey, if you say it doesn’t then alright. Just saying whenever we have town hall meetings or similar there’s always the blanket “no shitposting” statement. And when people do it outside of the lounge they get called out.



Maybe we need a “Welcome New Users! Read for how Discourse and the Forum work” post in addition to the rules? With the basics of how to post (or begin the tutorial with Discobot), how/where to change account settings, the difference between the trust levels, how trust levels are (automatically) assigned, and who the leaders/mods/admins are?

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You mean here?

Lol, trust level/forum info is the 2nd post

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Ayyy. Like make it one of them non skipable video game type things for new users.

Should/might cut down on spam.



Yes, they kids are out of control.



Sorta? I’m sure there have been tweaks on this forum, so it would be nice to have the details concrete.

Plus having all the other stuff I mentioned too.



That would probably get skipped or scrolled through pretty fast. :thinking:

I just realized you wrote “non skipable”. It’s probably best I go to sleep and stop making a fool of myself today. (stupid cold)

Still, I don’t know that there is a good way to force people to listen to a guide or formu rules.

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Yes, I go to that page fairly often to figure out or remind myself what each level can do. Goes back to the feeling of being overly complicated.

My issue is there is no (apparent) way for the user to know where they are in the progress of gaining the next level or if they are close to falling back to a lower level. I’m not manually monitoring everything I do, every like I give or receive, how many threads I visit and reply to.



Yeah. I am unaware if we can show that information to individual users or not. Das above my paygrade.



That’s kinda what I figured. I have no idea if discourse has that functionality.

I feel like it might improve the community as a whole. More people would be more active, striving to become a regular if they knew what was needed to achieve it. I’m thinking a lot of people bounce between 2 and 3 without really knowing why.

But, yeah, point’s made.



Here’s some thoughts from the new guy.

First, thanks @Kat for clearing up the trust level hierarchy here. I didn’t know there’s a difference between Leaders and Mods.

I can understand why some things are limited to certain trust levels, like who gets to see the Lounge etc, and I don’t see any point changing this. Only thing that is annoying me is the like :heart: limitations, that I hit yesterday and also today. Since it does not limit the usability of the forum nor possibility to contribute that much I don’t think this should be changed. It just, well, nags me a little. :smile:

I also don’t see any problem with mods/leaders. TBH L1T forums seems to have quite level headed staff when comparing to some other places I’ve been in. In general staff seems to keep the discussion civil and polite. When I first joined I got warm welcome from pretty much everyone, and I do want to believe any place is (at least partially) what the leadership is shaping it to be.

I know L1T is tech oriented forum, but would it be possible to have some sort of DIY category in the forums? Maybe sub category in Blog or something? I know this might end up being quite unused category but, well, this just came to my mind during Christmas holidays when I was working on my small DIY/crafts related adventure. :slight_smile:

Lastly, I know this thread is not about what happened yesterday in the Lounge, but I’m not entirely talking about that either. So here goes: Would it be better to suspend badly behaving individuals from the Lounge (or from the whole forum) instead of closing the thread and punishing the innocent bystanders? If someone does not take the leaders/mods warnings seriously then suspend him/her for the next 2 to 12 hours and see if that would help him calm down?



I am in firm belief that users should have unlimited likes .



I was going to open it up but it was like an hour until the new one so didnt see the point.

Id probably go with tagging it with DIY and put in in the related category. e.g. DIY robots? Post in #science-engineering

Unless theres a big uptick in diy projects needing its own whole category.