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Forum Meta Discussion 2019 1st Edition


Can confirm on mobile Fennec (Firefox-based) the forum runs fantastic. @Zibob I’d suggest installing F-Droid then finding a browser in there. Fennec is really nice.

edit: doing an @ user doesn’t seem to work the same as desktop, though. Don’t get the popout list. This a mobile “feature?”


I run the same browser(I think you recommended it to me a while ago) and don’t have problems when scrolling through pages.

Sometimes I experience small problems but I think those are related to the wifi quality.


Results from JetStream:

Naked Browser:


I have not read the analysis page yet, but the simple version was bigger numbers are better. The seem pretty even, trading blow here and there. The only outlier is PDFJS, 8.9 for naked browser and 22.9 for chrome.


Well, it failed to pass the test. So yeah, you must be running Android 6 or earlier.


It is, 5. I have been meaning to put a custom one on.

EDIT: Crisis averted for now. Turning it off and on again has “fixed” it. I will see if it comes back. Or was that convenient timing of something happening when I rebooted?


I experimented with Android 7 on a 2013 Moto phone and it was shockingly usable. The ui hiccuped in a few places but replying and browsing was fine. Seemed to stutter the most on profiles and on longer posts.



In feel embarrassed to say that is is perfect now. What ever was causing it a restart fixed it, which is great.

Just wish I knew what it was because every option under the sun in the browser, the phone and anywhere else I could think if did nothing but the old IT fix of turning it off and on again worked a treat.

I will keep an eye on it so see if it comes back and try to figure what triggered it.

Sorry for annoyance. And thanks everyone for suggestions.


That’s pretty fucked.

We need to find out where this came from.


gmail integration most likely.


What setting did you change to make this?


Edit: NVM, I found out.


This seems to be to try to help the reply-by-email stuff be less spammy so it can use your handle and name. Prolly a bug.


people do that? I dont even know how


There is a badge for it. I tried it. Never got the badge.

But if you sign up for notifications via email, you can reply to a comment via your email.

At least, that’s how I did it.


I get e-mail notifications from DMs with the option I believe.

Maybe not, it says Visit Page to respond…


They gotta fix badges… I know I should have a couple more than I do


Gotta DM a mod and ask for the badge you need.


Dont be afraid to PM a mod of you need a badge. It’s not a problem.

And we get lonely. So PMs are always welcomed.


??? The site’s name is “level 1 techs”. Being a “helpdesk” is literally hard-coded into the name of the site.

I’m more concerned about people’s attempts to turn L1T into something else… like some social hangout where people just exude low-effort dribble about whatever crosses their mind in a given micro-second. Those sort of no-value/low-value exchanges would be better served by chat software rather than forum software.


Agreed. If there is concern about numbers, then the focus of discussion should be on how to increase those numbers. Ideas for the Linux Category is an initiative that takes a step in the right direction.

Regardless, we must always keep in mind that the overwhelming reason why people discover L1T in the first place is because they have a problem and they need help. If we lose sight of that then this website has no valid reason to exist.