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Forum Meta Discussion 2019 1st Edition


unfortunately no


I also get hit with this. Only on desktop. Haven’t found a fix either. Of course I do browse the forum in incognito. So I would assume that’s why it keeps popping up for me, after being dismissed.


I’m not incognito. I’m wondering if it’s a result of a Firefox update or whatever this forum runs on [discourse?]. This didn’t start until a couple weeks ago.


Yeah. That’s when Wendell did a discourse update.


My initial post did not derail it though. Is it still up?


The thread was cleaned up by another mod.


This could very much be a me problem but recently on mobile this forum has become nearly unusable.

On first loading I will just get the dark blue background and nothing else. I have to load the link a second time to get the actual forum up.

Everywhere, though worse in some threads that others, the scrolling is sub 1FPS smooth so it just jumps around under my thumb or does not resposd if I scroll too quick.

When typing in the text box, not always but a lot of the time, I will be typing way ahead of the letters actually appearing making it very difficult to spell or catch errors. I will literally be 4-5 words ahead of what’s on screen. Same with deleting things. Press back space wait a second or two then the letter goes, if hold ing back space I don’t know how much it has deleted until it catches up.

If I tap my user icon for notifications sometimes it will just go straight to my profile and skip trying to open the notifications.

I am getting menues sliding in from the side randomly, like the categories on the left just appear when I tap the home button at the top of threads.

When in threads the title will make the user icon go away when scrolling in one direction but in the other the title disappears and the user icon and the LEVELONETECHS button will show up instead which is very annoying to use consider the glacial pace this is working at right now.

Basically clicking anything or scrolling is a total crapshoot.

Occasionally after replying I will get flickering black chunks showing up and then have to close and reload the tab to fix it.

If I flick to scroll 90% of the time it will scroll one line and then “bounce” and scroll then other direction completely which causes further slowdown and unresponsiveness that I then have to fight against just to get back to where I was to start with and then try scroll down again by holding my thumb down do it does not spaz out and fly away on me.

If I go to another site in another tab, even with this none still open, everything is perfectly smooth and responsive in that other tab but come back to thus and it is just a shaking unresponsive mess. It only really got this bad recently, and the site appears to have changed functionality a bit at the same time.

It could be browser related, android, naked browser, but that uses the standard android webview back end and it is only this site causing these problems to this extent.

Edit: Chrome works perfectly, I do not want to use chrome. Stock android browser will not load anything but the dark blue background, desktop or mobile view.

Disabling JavaScript breaks the entire site. Disabling pictures does nothing to help at all. Clearing cache does not help.

Fuck it at this stage it is so bad I am just gonna put an @wendell and @kreestuh

It is actually faster to scroll in one direction by flicking in the other one. This is so bad.


Are you stilling getting it?

I don’t get asked anymore. :smiley: I didn’t even do anything.

EDIT: Closed and re-opened the browser and am getting asked again. D:


I find this happening to me too.


It is so painful. This is beyond bad.


Discourse is very dependent on javascript performance. Unlike most webpages, it is essentially an application written in javascript. If you’re running a really old version of android the stock webview isn’t Chrome-- I think version 6 and earlier have this problem. Anyway, javascript performance on Android sucks in general, but that old webview is particularly poor.


This is odd because ive had the opposite effect, pages scroll smoother, and pages load comments as you scroll smoother.

I have had issues with some specific pages loading blank (the same page every time) which i think is a bug.

What are you using? its works fine in chrome and safari.


I would accept that reasoning if a few weeks ago on the same device and browser it was also bad, but the performance was fine. It is only now that it has tanked hugely.

As far as I know nothing has changed on my end, and I have seen definite visual changes in the forum as in a update of some kind and now it is worse.

@Eden it is the Naked Browser

It just uses android default webview, and so does the stock browser that is preinstalled which won’t load the site at all. Does chrome use something different?


Like I said, on older versions of Android, yes it does.


I have been working on this . An update is deploying for it.

One big change is we are targeting 2016 JavaScript standards. So mobile chrome is the best. And it is faster there for sure. Older devices struggle a bit though.

And not-chrome.


Damn forcing me to change browsers to view your content… How the times have changed.

I joke of course but damn that sucks, I prefer this browser and this is the only site with these problems.


Compile mobile chromium? :smiley:


I suggest you run a benchmark like jetstream on your alternate Android browser using the 2015-era non-Chrome webview and compare it to Chrome. I wouldn’t be surprised if Chrome was an order of magnitude faster. You just don’t notice it, but your battery probably does.

If you really love that browser, you could always get a phone running android 7 or later.


I only use not-chrome. This is a letdown :frowning:


Mobile ff seems fast too