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Forum Meta Discussion 2019 1st Edition


This issue should be fixed.


I believe flags are seen as a negative thing since usually on other forums that I’ve been part of the reports, flags, what ever you call them, have been used to bring malicious and naughty behavior to moderators/admins attention. Could this be the reason you see them negatively as well? :slight_smile:

Honestly I didn’t know that it’s ok to use flags for pointing out off topic posts. Now I know better.

I would appreciate this kind of feature too, since there’s usually so much interesting discussion taking place when I’m sleeping or otherwise occupied. It would be nice if I did not have to go through all chitchat to see the interesting stuff.

I can also see how easily this would be abused if other than TL4 users were allowed to alter and change things. It would be too easy for OP to troll one individual user to keep hiding or collapsing the individuals new posts, just because OP can. Behaviour like this would of course be dealt by leaders/mods, but would this generate more work for TL4 users?

I don’t know. I like the idea while at the same time being skeptical about it.

Your new user title @Goalkeeper ? :wink:

And to be honest @anotherriddle would make a great leader. IMO.


I was thinking this could be something completely client side. Where you yourself could collapse comments for only yourself, and it wouldn’t affect other users.


Indeed, this could be good feature.

I personally referenced anotherriddle’s idea of how OP could do this and thus be able to clean the thread, and how this could enable malicious behaviour.

One way to limit this would be to grant this option to, let’s say, TL3 users?


Thanks for your reply! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m in the same boat currently.

You’ve got my vote for that. :grin:

To me this would be an acceptable compromise. :+1: I like this idea.

This would be my prefered option but maybe I am wrong. I believe it could work.


If we could fix the major posting lag that was introduced with the latest update, that would be great.


i second this


Yeah, the forum update implemented a lot more checks that get done, and that is probably why the post lag. Not sure what can be done, but we can complain on about it. because it worked so well last time


Ah I see.

It’s a not a bug, it’s a feature.



Discourse is a great tool, but by god, their developers are very stuck up.


I get it, but just to be clear, no one is looking at the number of flags a user has as a metric of misbehavior. As @Adubs mentioned, you can flag your own post to get a mod’s attention and it is more discrete than @ing them.




I’ll show them where they can stick it…


But, but, … you are forgeting

the vision


I’ll give you a vision.


I increased the number of unicorns and both the postgres shared buffers and work mem, that helped a bit with posting times. Worth a shot if you’ve got the spare resources.


Most of the time I am lurking, on the lookout for someone with a problem I am interested in helping solve. Occasionally I take part in a discussion thread. The last few days I have been more actively participating in the lounge to have a more visible presence there.

I rarely create a new thread. I’m not patient enough to ask for help on a forum, I’m not attention-seeking enough to create new threads about my random projects or my opinion on an article I read.

I’m here to help people, not to promote myself or to chat with friends. There are other places for me to link dump or to post a random pic of something I bought or to share ephemeral thoughts.


I’ll take Narcissism for $9,001, Alex.



That didn’t work for when I shut down then start. Any other ideas?