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Forum Meta Discussion 2019 1st Edition


I understand your position but often it does not make sense to do so (in my opinion it’s a bandate).

The problem is it does have a negative connotation. If flags are widely used that way you are bundling shitposting together with people that just went slightly off topic.


To you. Not everyone feels this way.


That thread started from off-topic posts I removed from the FreeSync thread. As @kewldude007 and @sgtawesomesauce already stated, it’s not visible to anyone who isn’t ‘member’. It was put in off-topic because of its content, and I didn’t want it to influence people’s first impression of the forum, as there’s no positive way to pose the question.

It started from a genuine question from @Adubs, which was responded to honestly by multiple people. I’ve reverted the title to the original, less antagonising version (I agree that the title wasn’t appropriate), and it’s been locked at the OP’s request, due to it being derailed.

We generally discuss potentially controversial threads to make sure we’re not doing anything too rash. If you feel there are double standards at play, I’d suggest taking a step back, and reviewing how your own posts could be perceived by others.


hmmm … the way you phrase your reply you are obviously right, the question is, how many people think that way.

If most people think this is how flags should be used, this should be explained somewhere. I need to think about this. :thinking:


The only time a flag is seen as negative IMO is when action is taken against the user who was flagged and typically that user is the one who feels negatively about it.

The mods only enforce the rules on said posts so its the users fault not accepting they did something wrong and shifting blame. We can totally flag posts without a negative effect. I flagged my own post about the nvidia thread which @Zavar split for me. It doesnt have to be a negative experience.

Man I thought it was genius. It got a lot of people participating. I think no matter what the title was, we were going to have to close it eventually.


Can’t deny the effectiveness of the title, but I’m not sure posing it in that manner invites the best replies. In this case, it turned out fine (for the most part), but it’s probably better to use less emotive language in the future.


What if I had used “Nvidia sucks, and heres why”?


Okay, I’m kind of getting used to the fact that the points I am trying to make often are ignored completely. I think I need to work on myself there, it seems to be my fault.

I think I understand. Just to pick an example here, do you think it would makes sense for me to flag my own post in your Nvidia thread about changing the title, now that it is actually changed?

Also, if I think your post above

is off topic. Do you think I should flag it?



@anotherriddle, if you think a post in a more serious discussion thread is off-topic, then you can flag it and add why you think it’s off-topic with the ‘something else’ option.

Saying that, it’s sometimes easier to try and guide the conversation in the right direction yourself. Only then flagging the post, if you think your attempt isn’t going anywhere.

Mods have to go into the thread to properly see the context of the flagged post, so we’ll also clean up replies if we think it’s appropriate. I normally go through replies and preceding posts, and edit posts to make the conversation flow, without the influence of the offending posts.


Thanks for the explanation.

This is exactly what I am talking about. The problem I see is with these kind of “guiding in the right direction” arcs. These sometimes take a lot of posts by multiple people. Wouldn’t it be better to collaps them (in a way that someone that is interested can undo) so someone that comes to a thread like that does not have to scroll through all the unrelated back and forth exchanges.

Of course that also works, but it’s a lot of effort for you guys and then there are people that frown upon having their posts edited.


it would be a lot of work but a tl4 user could go and manually edit every post under a hide details arrow but it seems impractical


That would be for the Discourse devs to implement. You can propose new features at

Hidden posts are collapsed in this way, so it probably wouldn’t be too much trouble to have it implemented, even with a plugin.

I generally try to keep the post’s contents intact, and not change what’s being said.


When you paste a youtube video on the same line as text, the video does not embed. A fix for that would be nice.


Flag away if you think something needs flagged up to the moderators. There’s no negative issue for flagging a post on any technical or moderating level unless someone is deliberately flagging posts to be disruptive. Any who flagged something isnt seen by others.

If its gone off topic context can usually be added. if its off topic to the point of not being related to the topic its in splitting it is usually a good choice.

Usually we would say that the OP of the topic has a bit more influence in this, if they think its off topic we can split it easily, if others think its off topic we may ask about moving it or getting the topic back on discussion.

more people should follow this

As mentioned you could ask for a feature request, but it doesn’t really fit well at all on this software, and if its so offtopic that hiding it wouldn’t make a difference, why not a new topic?


I agree, it would be impractical.

Thanks, I’ll do that when It seems like I’m not the only one who wants it. :slightly_smiling_face: At this point it does not seem that way.


I don’t see it as a destructive plugin to add. Meaning that adding it shouldn’t cause any problems or anything. Just have a little + beside each post that when you click it, minimizes that comment/reply. Just like with Reddit.


@anotherriddle for leedor!


Yes, this is pretty close to what I’m talking about!

uhmm … thanks I guess, but why?


Yeah, quoting replies to someone right above you only works sometimes for… some reason…?

But don’t worry, lol. @Goalkeeper says that about a lot of people, haha. He’s like the Oprah of leedor.


You are right!? lol, wth?