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Forum Meta Discussion 2019 1st Edition


If you think the thread is about hate then you should go back to the start of the thread and begin reading from there.

The title is intentionally provactive to bring attention to the thread but the thread has been anything but actual hate. People are expressing their thoughts and concerns without attacking each other.


Adubs you are the one who started all of this. Own up to it.


the thread is hidden from people that are not logged in with an account


I mistook your off topic comment as trolling and you have been negative ever since bro. Idk what your deal is but I’m not the kind to just fold to your whims. I’ll gladly hear you out but you have to stop acting like a child because you didn’t get your way.


If you think asking for a subject to not include the word hate in it is childish I don’t know what to think about you. Also it isn’t about getting my own way all the time. It is about there being fair rules for all and one day maybe Level 1 Techs will get there but it is not quite there yet. Go enjoy your AMD and I laugh when anyone gets on me about not liking AMD or can’t take me saying something critical about them because my original pcs were AMD based and I named my daughter after them. Seriously enjoy the rest of your evening, morning, day … whatever it is where you are.


You clearly didn’t read any of the thread or you would have seen I have a 1070. The point wasn’t to hate, it was to understand the hate and get people to think about why. I’m sorry you don’t see any value in that. Others did and I think most would agree.


They did several times but due to borderline illegal business practices they didn’t make enough money to compete with what Nvidia was doing.


psst, wrong thread m8.


I like the idea of this


To get to Off Topic, you also need to be TL1 or TL2. I forget which, but the point is that it’s definitely not the first thing that new users see. (since they start off at TL0)


Yes its definitely getting better which i like to see.
And yeah as far as new users are concerned in general, they come and go.
Some seek for quick info and leave again, other stay and become a cool member.

Flagging off topic stuff is always really helpful for us.


The only reason I was able to complete that challenge was because I didn’t game on the computer at the time.

I don’t think the OG challenge for the badge should be changed, seems simple enough to me, use linux as your DD for a year.

@Novasty regarding the lounge name poll we can just end it imho, regular loungers don’t seem to care. Calling the lounge [ X month Edition] is fine.


gonna need a poll for that m8


I have another idea for a feature that would be really useful in my opinion:

Is it possible, for the OP of a thread and users above a certain trust level, to have a way to hide/collapse posts, or ideally parts of posts, in a thread ? Most of the time when a thread goes off topic, or the flow of a good discussion breaks, it is not because of shit posting or anything that really warrants a flag but because of chit chat or borderline off topic posts. Flagging has a very negative connotation and it does not always make sense to ask mods to move posts because most of the time context of the discussion gets lost. I’m thinking something similar to the “Hide Details” option.

Not sure if this is possible but I’d like to know what other forum members think.


post manipulation abilities are too easily abused and I’d rather have an op PM a TL4 user asking to have a thread cleaned, I’d be down for that if anyone needs it


I can see that.

However, I still think outright moving or deleting posts is also very intrusive and breaks context and discussion flow.

Maybe duplicate the flag feature and name it to something with less negative connotation. (I’m just brainstorming here)


You’ll have to ask the devs about that one.


You are right.

However, first I’d like to hear your opinions whether this makes sense or not and how it would work best.


I’d rather the op be proactive about moving the off topic discussion to a new thread. I can do that too


I’m of the opinion it’s fine the way it is and I don’t think using a flag should have a negative connotation. It’s like calling the fire department because you see a cat stuck in a tree sure, but they have the safest ladder and the training to do it.