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Forum Meta Discussion 2019 1st Edition



Ahhhh. Yes.



I run Windows, macOS and Linux (on different machines) at home for this reason.


This would not be constructive. There are plenty of people including myself who have years of experience with Linux. But don’t have the badge. And cuts off all outside people who have experience. If you want this forum to be constructive place for discussion, you don’t build a fence around the discussion with a bouncer at the door


The bouncer at the door idea was to allow for in depth linux discussion without fear of trolling and such. Constructive discussion would be had there. As there is in @anotherriddle’s one thread.

The linux section would still be where it is and then there would be a super secret constructive linux thread, which would be hidden and most likely accessible by invite only.

Having the 1year Linux thread be the bouncer at the door was just an idea on how the thread could be vetted.


Would there be Windows and macOS threads as well?



This was Mr.O’s idea.



and a freeBSD thread, and one for Minix :wink:


Which is against what the forum stands for which is open discussion, not segregation. It’s the whole reason why the lounge isn’t invite only.

Your idea also relies on select users who have a thorough understanding of Linux, of which this forum lacks. If the forum lacks the number of people required for these kind of discussions, you should be trying to bring more people here instead of segregating away from the community. And if these topics are so specialised as you indicated, they would be better off held in dedicated Linux forums where the majority of Linux specialists go. Not here


I was mainly asking because I think if the forum is too focused on Linux then we might lose out on some potential users. Even in IT there are still plenty of other operating systems on the backend, hell, my employer uses Server 2008, Server 2012, and IBM i. My previous employer was Server 2008 as well I believe. One of my friends works at a small business in the city where their stuff is all Apple.

Just kinda want the forum to be more even in openness if that makes any sense. I may have gotten a bit off track there too.


You’d be in the shoo-in category.

Yeah, I don’t like the idea of an invite-only pm group either for the same reason.

My initial idea was to have a small group of people here who are working sysadmins (or devs or whatever) in a group that was visible to members but invite-only to post. The idea is that new users or young users who are just starting their career can see how more seasoned professionals interact constructively.

There are several people here who are working sysadmins and devs. I think you’d only want about a dozen people max. Even 5 or 6 would be fine. I imagine it as the “level 2” after “level 1”. Level 2 being people who have mastered the essentials and are working in the industry. Not like level 99 10+ year Linux kernel devs meting out minutia that no one else can comprehend. I’d like a discussion that answers the question “what does my next step look like” for people just starting out.

I also think an argument can be made that little is done to retain people once they’ve mastered basics and started a career. A separate area for them might help with that. I understand that it’s called Level1Techs for a reason and that “Level 2” is simply moving onto a more advanced venue, but I think you want some degree of retention so there are people here to help the beginners.

That said, I think the idea has serious feasibility issues, and even if we did it, it would be an experiment that may or may not end up as I’d imagine. So even though I like the idea, I acknowledge that there’s a real risk that it would be a complete waste of time.

Anyway, if there’s enthusiasm for it and it’s possible to setup without forking Discourse, I’d be down. Otherwise, it’s an idea that we can keep in the backlog of future possibilities.


I agree with this. I think network, sysadmin and dev are more useful divisions than operating system. I wouldn’t mind seeing the OS-based Small Problem threads replaced with threads based on those categories.


I guess one of the things that would “probablly” put some newly users off a bit,
is that wenn they create a topic about windows,
there are often some Linux based arguements popping up.
And that is basically not what the original topic starter is probablly looking for,
a windows is shit go linux sorta fest.
That is sometimes a little bit dissapointing to see.

But still its true that our forum is kinda a little bit known as being pro linux.
If i look at other forums like LTT, wenn users ask questions about linux.
They are pretty often getting guided towards our forum.
Which is kinda interesting.


I noticed recently that the forum is asking for permission for notifications every time my computer wakes up yet I don’t have to login each time. Did something change? It’s a little irritating but maybe it’s on my end?
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I agree, although I’m not sure if straight up replacing them would be good since a basic user (e.g. it’s IT isn’t their job) will probably still have questions about some of the more mundane aspects of the OS they are using. But the dilemma there would be that we end up with a bunch of threads/categories that are covering nearly the same stuff.

Hmm… We’ll all have to think on that one.

If they’re not relevant to the question I flag those posts for being OT when I see them.

I believe that a live USB of a common distro is a great tool to have, but some poor soul’s Windows thread is not the place to evangelize another OS.

I think the forum has actually gotten better than it used to be with OS arguments, but we’re not all the way there yet.


I could close it right now but I won’t, and if someone else does they will typically state why they did so in the leader lounge and if dont agree I will go back and forth with them until I either agree or convince them to unlock it

I judge the overall tone of a thread, not by a post or two


Well you have bad judgement sir. The thread itself shows the word hate in it right away and you think that would not cause upheaval? If you didn’t think so then you shouldn’t be a mod.


A hate thread allowed to go on. Ridiculous. @wendell and the rest of Level 1 Techs can you please get your mods in line to respect all in the community? Why are you an intelligent person allowing for certain people with bias against certain people to be modding this community?


we had an actual hate thread that went on for several months


Sometimes one user is actually right. Also I see that a certain post that had loads of quotes of what I said was taken down so obviously I had a right to complain about it and someone saw fit to take it down.

Also if I start any thread similar to this guaranteed it would be taken down instantly. Admit the bias. Oh and Level 1 Techs saying hate threads are ok is what they want? Is this what you want @wendell? I remember Grizzle talking about needing more regular people to join the community and that means WIndows users and people with opinions different than what seems to be a close minded if it doesn’t fit into what we want to talk about it is destroyed situation. Also again … a title with hate in it. C’mon guys! Grow the heck up!

Now back to the topic if AMD can’t step up their game and come out with innovative things to make graphics better that is not Nvidia’s problem.