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Forum Meta Discussion 2019 1st Edition




LMFTFY Leaders


I think that went away to be honest


test 3 in a row


4th is best




It did for leaders I don’t think so for members. Might need tweaking.


you sure?




Thats kinda crap imo


No it’s not.


I got that, i though Eden did it for everyone


im not calling @mutation666 bad for having leeedor i call leedor privilege shit


? How so, I speak on your guys behalf all the time?


Yeah, asked @wendell to tweak it, but maybe needs to be slightly higher for members to. Maybe 4. Worth a think.


Honestly no need for the language


Its for bots spamming pretty sure


How are leader privileges hurting you? You don’t have them, right? That’s the issue. Why don’t you become a leader then? You know yerarchy, or whatever the English spelling is…


@kewldude007 @Novasty @mutation666 @Goalkeeper

So, I created the tempLounge as a joke, fully expecting it to be closed immediately. I apologize for the rift it has apparently caused. Of course, that, too, could just be a running joke. Either way, I’m sorry.

For the Meta Talk:

I would personally like to “clean up” the Windows and Linux sections. I know this might go against the rules, but I think for those sections MegaThreads should be acceptable, maybe with a globally editable OP to add references, links, etc.

The “Small Linux Problem” and “Small Windows Problem” threads are good examples, but with an edited OP to may have post counts, links, references, links to wikis, etc. This isn’t limited to “small problems”, I think Looking Glass deserves it’s own, as does “common” networking and virtualization issues.

With the current implementation, I do not think it’ll work. However, with some consolidation of existing threads and a sort of revamping of the two sections, I think it would be a beacon of knowledge that continues to grow and foster knowledge.

Some issues I see coming up:

  1. People complaining that we’re turning the forum into StackOverflow – That is no the intention, please ask questions and reask questions, but I feel resources well documented for common, recurring issues is perfect for this community.
  2. Pinned threads already being ignored. Maybe a form of “Let me Google that for you” but point to a section of the wiki. Of course, this could turn into something similar to the Arch snobs spamming the wiki, which isn’t okay. We should focus on fostering a culture of asking and answering questions.
  3. Shit posting. I’m not going to call any names, and I think the moderation on this forum is :ok_hand:, but shitting on peoples benchmarks, hardware, etc. when they have a legitimate issue that is outside the constraints of their hardware should not be tolerated. We have “The Lounge” and, frankly, any Windows, Intel, and NVidia thread for that.

Just some suggestions. If this takes off, I have some ideas that could probably be implemented with @sgtawesomesauce and @Eden or another leader that is interested in troubleshooting/operating systems knowledge base articles and discussion.