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Forum Meta Discussion 2019 1st Edition


A potential work around would be some nginx magic.


wouldnt you have to have control of the original domain for that to work?


I would agree and was tempted to remove it from the poll, except the user suggested as @kewldude007 said.


No, you could just capture any outbound requests, check if they go to TS then regex back internally. Trouble is that would add a lot of extra intranet latency.


I generally dont like Lounge Names named after users even if they suggested them, mostly because it doesn’t give the Lounge a “theme” for that month.

I am well aware that the Name or “Theme” for the Lounge isn’t something terribly important but still.


The lounge name picked is always big gay anyway.


ftfy buddy


We should both make a concerted effort to suggesting a theme like name for this month.


Absolutely! But what kind of theme tho?


Well, its gotta be related to current events on the forums I think.


maybe make the linux section great again since we were talking about why it sucks in this thread


I wouldn’t mind having a more discussion-based linux thread which was somehow limited to those who have completed the 1 year linux challenge, (plus shoo-ins, initially).

I think something like that had been mentioned before. I don’t remember if there was a feasibility issue.


Yeah. You mentioned it. :stuck_out_tongue:


I dont qualify since my DD is windows only :disappointed:

My ubuntu server box I use all the time, and my mint laptop I gave away to my mother. Does android count? :sweat_smile:


I had mentioned a Linux thread in the leader lounge, but someone else thought of 1 year linux being the gateway to it which I thought was an interesting idea.


I forget what the exact terms of the 1 year linux challenge are, but maybe it can be adjusted. It’s certainly not possible for everyone to exclusively use Linux as their desktop for a year.


I believe Phantom said that the only way that it would be feasible is to do it in the DM’s as in the DM’s its a private place and you can invite users and only those users can view the thread.


sometimes I just wanna come home from work and play a video game with the bois ya know? not spend an hour trying to get whatever game they decided they want to play working in linux somehow… or not at all. Otherwise I probably would DD linux.


I believe there are non?


I thought the rule was you have to daily drive linux. That would mean to me the computer you own and use the most has to be linux.