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Forum Meta Discussion 2019 1st Edition


Well we’re running smooth so far, and we never delete lounges, ever. So Wendell must be working some magic, lol.

Also, we receive over 1k new posts per day, and over 46k new posts in the last month alone. Not sure how small this forum is compared to others, lol. I’m sure there are forums with much more activity, but I wouldn’t call ours small.


Looking at the discourse threads, their is an admin page that shows site stats. It would be cool if we can see those.

If things need to be confidential could put a black line over it.

Maybe I’m the only one that wants to see the stats.

Although, most of this is covered in the FAQ section.


Yep, we can access that. Just don’t know what info is wanted secret or not, so I won’t post it.


Did not mean to be insulting, Discourse is used by, Docker, Patreon, Boingboing, etc. Some very large userbases there.


Oh, no. I knew you weren’t being insulting. Just posting some neat stats, is all.



I’ve been looking through Rules, Guidelines, FAQ (but I think it pertains to the entire forum) and found that quite a lot of links still refer to the domain, especially in signatures (or whatever they are called):

The links work when you replace ‘teksyndicate’ with ‘level1techs’.

Can we do sed -i "s/" L1Forum ? :]

[Bug] "Teksyndicate" Official servers subforum link on FAQ broken

Discourse defines active users as those who access the site with an account. And according to the about page their were 983 users who logged in the last 7 days. My question is where are you guys? What stops you from making threads or making replies? What can the forum provide for you?


bunch of lurkers


But why?


thats a question for them to answer


What? That’s a lot! A lot more than I would have guessed!


I think maybe some people just login at the beginning of the month and that is why the number is so high. The last 30 days there were only 1.6k visits. If we subtract the last 7 days we get 662 user account visits over the span of 23 days.

I think I did any required math or logic correctly.


If you want more “users”, strewing posts across the forum on getting a great rate on your mortgage, how to copy music out of iTunes, and where to find cheap erectile dysfunction pills online will do the trick.

I mean, moderation workload might increase a smidge.


One rule of the internet is “Post less, lurk more”.
Some are obviously following it.


I think “user banned” in a lounge name is in poor taste.


the user suggested it


User suggestion Edition


IIRC there was an attempt to replace the TS links with L1T links shortly after Tekxit and the subsequent renaming, but it ended up bogging down the forum because of the sheer amount of data it has to work through.


A leader at the time renamed a couple of my threads without asking and I was not happy about that.


@Adubs for leador!!!