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Forum Meta Discussion 2019 1st Edition


TBH, I don’t find tags that particularly useful for categorising a thread, other than searching for it.


Can we also look into a replied to thingy. Cause if this message was in reply to destroyed and no one replied to me or him no one would know I replied to him.


Yeah, and another issue I have with this is that if should choose to quote the previous post before the one I’m about to make, the system just deletes the quote if it detects that I am quoting exactly everything in that previous post, and if I continue to wrestle with it by undoing it it’ll just continue on deleting it. When it comes to criticism using this platform, it’ll be what I just said, and maybe along with a few others.

A Drunk Discourse is a platform catered for people who just isn’t ready to sober it up. Come on Coding Horror, get ya self sober M8.


It treats our replies here as regular replies to the thread because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
But I guess that is part of

the vision


Having been a part of this forum on and off since the early days, partaking in “shit posting” and the likes, some might call me a hypocrite for what I’m about to say but I’ll say it anyway.

The lounge is filth, every time I enter that place, I’m embarrassed to even view the lounge these days. And I used to be the most active member prior to the switch to monthly lounges. The lounge has turned into 4chan, and its only a part of the issue.

For the most part, I’m fine with the mods, they know who I am, I know they have kept a close eye on me from the moment I stepped back into this place but for the most part, I don’t have complaints, and those issues I do have are personal grievances that won’t be aired in the public forum.

The issue is that most people here have a chip on their shoulder, whether they have something to prove or feel their long term existences on this forum makes them better than the rules, it doesn’t matter. People here need to rethink about their behaviour. The notion that the lounge could be a self monitoring entity when it can’t control itself in the first place is laughable.

There is a major issue in this forum and it’s people’s want to isolate themselves in a community of like minded people without outside push back on behaviour. There is a reason why the lounge is hidden from 97% of users, why it’s not indexed by Web crawlers. The behaviour shown by many in the lounge would leave you isolated from the majority of the community for being anti social. Because its very anti social. Some of the things I have seen would have you locked up for a night in a county jail. And freedom of speech is not an excuse. You have the freedom to voice your opinion. You do not have the freedom to voice your opinion without criticism.

Now being into the topic of the forum in general. The forum needs to diversify. Being good at Linux is great. It’s a great tool for the industry, whether it’s software development, devops engineering or admin. But it’s very limiting and gives off a notion that knowing Linux will get you a job. In reality, this community needs to be pushing a greater variety of tools and skills. A great example is @Phantom with his blender thing. Other things could be more development projects, learning docker, kubernetes, SBC’s, electronics and circuit design. There are so many different skills to learn. Many of these skills will lead to fruitful careers. A lot of members here are young and impressionable. If you want to do the right thing, you should look at what skills you can share and what skills you should learn. Many here want to be a master of Linux in some way or another, when in reality it’s just a single piece of a tool set for a wide variety of career opportunities.


IMO, I think The Lounge is what putting some of us off the general aspect of the forum from its early days. Sadly, it’s not going away anytime soon, because this is where people’s guilty pleasure lies at.

About diversity, I agree that we are probably getting too far with the Linux stuff. I mean yes, Linux know-hows, can-dos means a good field placement but this is not the only thing that’s going to land you a good job out in the I.T. field; in fact, there are so many threads on the same issue around Linux. There has to be something else more than that. Let’s give networking, A.I., programming, software development in different forms, graphic designs, modelling, Internet of Shit Things, hardware hacking not limited to personal computers and other DIY projects a go.


Ohcrap. Thanks for reminding me. I have a LOT of things I need to post in that thread, lol.


Hey, sorry I’ve been mostly absent from this discussion. Been traveling and working a lot.

One point I just want to make that I don’t think was made about inconsistent mod/leader action.

A lot of the moderation that takes place is based on flags. We’re not staring at the lounge 24/7. If a post gets some flags, a mod is alerted and then decides what to do about the post.

This is good because it essentially means the forum is (at least partially) self-governed. If your post is flagged, it means your peers have a problem with it. The mods’ job is then to simply decide if the post actually breaks a rule or not.

Depending on who is in the lounge, a post may or may not be flagged. And if it’s borderline/gray area, a mod may only act if there is a flag.

Using flags is the best way to combat shit posts. They allow regular users to drive the moderation process which is ideal imo.


Exactly this. So if a post of yours was taken down, but a similar post of someone else was not, please keep in mind that it’s probably because yours was flagged, and theirs was not.


Don’t know if this has been mentioned yet, and I’m not sure where this conversation is at in this thread.

I actually don’t have as much time to browse the forum, my life has been at the max lately. That being said, when I do have time, I find it difficult to discern active posts on the buy/selling part of the forum. Is there anyway these can have an expiration if they’re not pinged? I hate to ask someone months later if they’re still selling something that is long gone- either that, or some kind of reminder that a for sale post is up.

Just some thoughts


Related to what @Ramiel said, it would be nice if people would be able to close their own BST thread. Being a Discourse forum I’m sure it’s probably an all or nothing type of situation, but it would be nice if I didn’t have to ping a leader/mod to close my own thread when I sell something.


I don’t have any skin in the game having never posted in the lounge, but let me ask this, why did you decide to have a MegaThread™ rather than a more loosely moderated “Shenanigans, Horseplay, & Hogwash” category?


Habit. We made the Lounge thread a long, long time ago to just hang out in. It was a spur of the moment thing. So now it’s just here, lol.


MegaThreads™ always seem to devolve into the sort of randoposting you guys are condemning here. A separate horseplay category would probably work out better.

Also Discourse has performance issues with very long threads over 10k posts or so.


that’s what #community:off-topic is however the threads usually get merged into the lounge to keep things tidy


Well, I suggest not doing that. Let the off-topic category fight it out, lord of the flies style.


Nah, I talked to Wendell about it. He’s using multiple databases for the forum so the threads have minimal impact.


Wow, you guys aren’t using the standard docker distribution? That’s a lot of extra work for a relatively small forum.


I’ll rephrase. I asked about the size of threads, then he said thread size wasn’t a problem, and mentioned that he may use multiple databases. Not sure if he is, or his setup for the forums or anything like that.

But if the standard docker distro would cause problems with big threads, then it’s a good thing he isn’t, lol.


Well my understanding is it’s a limitation of the platform, and that came from Jeff directly. My forum has a bunch of threads with >10k replies and it still works OK, but we try to close them and make new ones whenever possible. Discourse already uses tons of resources compared to every other forum.