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Forum Meta Discussion 2019 1st Edition


You’ve not read anything I’ve said.

Have a good one, man.


The Lounge isn’t being closed. As of now, we have no intentions of doing so.

As for flags, as I’ve seen someone post about transparency, The person that flags a topic will see that we have acknowledged its existence, the person who posted the flagged comment will get a message with what actions have been taken. That’s all that needs to be done. No one outside those two people need to know anything about it, for both privacy reasons and to prevent drawing attention to the users involved.


Good to hear, and I agree.

On a side note, still no possibility of getting the like limit removed all together?


I sort of know the lounge is there. I’ve even been there a couple times. It seems it is mainly chatting about stuff over/under my headspace so I don’t bother going there. I don’t need to mute it, I have enough “won’t” power to just not click it.
The way I use this forum is to go to “new” posts and look at the ones that might interest me. { I wish hovering would bring up a tl;dr } I track what I interests me. Then I go to “unread” where my tracked threads are. I don’t understand what the problem is?


When was the last time you exceeded it?


I honestly can’t remember.

But I know it’s still there, and on a busy day I likely would. Has it been raised lately?


you are exactly what I’ve been trying to describe

the lounge is a nonissue for people that dont use it


Its never been modified


There’s no reason for it to not be changed, really. most likely it’s just at forum defaults. If Wendell ever gets a chance to sift through this I’m sure it could get increased or the limit removed.


Good to know.

I’m actually about to hit the limit tonight. Been a while.


There will be a few new leaders.
We are still looking into possible kandidates for that.

As far as expending the moderation team is concerned.
That is also a thing that we are looking into.
But of course picking the right user for that job isnt a split second decission.
Our current leaders do a pretty awesome job, so it isnt easy to make selections.


Yes. All the time. I like to look at users profiles to try and find hidden gems.

Elephant in the room:

Lounge is pointless IMO, but fun. It doesn’t hurt the forum but doesn’t help it. I think it’s a shame that people only spend their time there. That’s like never leaving the same town you grew up in.

Its definitely a shoehorn solution to a legacy problem.

Back in the day I didn’t like the lounge because I preferred the mumble because it was much better at socializing. I don’t know why someone would want a watered-down experience. At least that’s the way I see it.

I vote to just leave it. If people want that then by all means. Though I wouldn’t give a shit if it went away either. There’s more than one way to socialize.


At least these are the only valid arguments brought up as justification for their outcry (from my observation). Mabe it would help to PM whoever gets flagged with a short explanation. I tried that once though without any answer to my PM. Not sure if it helps.

… not sure though, how to convince people of that. Maybe I’m not long enough here, but overall people on the Level1Forums are reasonable about this subject. It’s the reason I didn’t flee on first sight.


Show them that it’s okay to use a triple boot system, they dont have to just use 1 os religiously


It seems to me that the lounge might be very useful to help build relationships between members, which can in turn lead to people staying and therefore contributing more on the technical side of the site.

I do agree that off-topic conversation, especially unregulated, can really obscure technical/useful contributions. And it’s definitely these contributions that bring people here. I use DDG in privacy mode and I still see L1T on a lot of searches involving Linux and other certain hardware things.

It’s my belief that a wiki would solve this issue because forums are for discussions, but something like a wiki where pages could be cross linked and organized hierarchically, which would increase discoverability of actually useful information. Then the forum could be preserved for discussion around these topics, and off-topic discussion, but without risking losing the easy accessibility to the content that we’re all here for.


Finding a place that would host our own wiki for free would be cool. I don’t like the discourse way of doing wikis. But I’m sure others would like it because of how integrated wikis are in the forum.

(This is another “I know what I want but am not good at creating a solid argument for why I think this way” post)


I think I saw one.

Like @anotherriddle says, I don´t think the issue is as big as it is made to be.




13 in the last week.


That could be achieved by making more use of the categories. Dumb them down to what they are and strictly enforce correct categories.


Agreed. A general “DIY & Project”-Category is missing.
Yes, we have that for code, but I don´t like to code for uni and then “for fun” too. As is, my projects are “Blog”-category and tagged as “DIY”