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Forum Meta Discussion 2019 1st Edition


I don’t care. See my edit above


my 57,000+ likes stoke my ego.


Well if Intel didn’t keep dropping the ball… or blame their performance on a CEO who may or may not have been sleeping around there wouldn’t be drama about it.


A tiny flick of the wrist and they see what I’ve actually contributed:


brb. downloading all so i can blackmail you with it.

damn, its only there for you


That isn’t the point, the point isn’t about how terrible Intel is, the point is this crowd seems to prefer discussion on that versus learning how to deploy LAMP stacks with automation tools or build web servers in Go or C++.


Not everyone knows how to/what is deploying this, modifying that, coding this, coding that. Everyone knows what Intel is, or crApple, or NVidia is. When I think of deploying a lamp it involves a light.


Dude, you’re agreeing with me. That’s my point, no one wants to learn, they want to talk mainstream tech, current tech news, current tech drama, etc.

I don’t care what the brand is, people want to talk about that instead of learning and growing.


Perhaps many are doing so on their own, and want to come here to relax a bit?

I know when I get home The Lounge is the first thing I open besides Youtube.

Get the latest gossip, see what people have going on in their lives, etc.

Not everything needs to be 110% super serious amazing academia elitism.


Not to jump onto the pile too much, but probably veering OT a little bit, I think a user’s contribution to the forum is better exemplified from their summary.

I will be the first to admit that most of my posts are in the Lounge, but none of my “Top” anythings are from a Lounge. Hell, I’ve gotten several thousand clicks on links and all of the threads they are in are actually top five Google search results.

Veering back on topic.

I, personally, am not a fan of collective punishment, in this case moving/removing the Lounge. To me that’s like if I couldn’t go to a park because my neighbor swore at some kids there or something.

I also like the Lounge being on the forum because it’s easy to link to other threads here and it is searchable if I want to go back and find something. There has been some good stuff that has come from the Lounge too, I know myself and some others have used it as a staging ground of sorts before making a thread. Discord I don’t think is great at those things because it’s a chat room, like you said. I do also agree that sometimes the Lounge can be less than great. I’m not sure how to fix that easily however because changing the ways of anonymous people on the internet is near impossible in my experience.

Extra names on user summary

Here’s a possibility.

We do nothing, let The Lounge continue as it has, and the forum continue as it has.


It goes back to my characterization of entertainment/social media vs information/education. I understand that you and others hanging out in the lounge primarily want the entertainment and social media aspect. I’m also interested in hearing from people who prefer the forum to be an informational/educational resource. But it seems the lounge attitude is spilling over into this discussion and veering it off topic (pretty meta).


Your assumption seems to be that we for some reason cannot have both. Why?


I think we can have both, I just don’t think they should both be the same forum. Because all the lounge activity buries all the other activity. If I look at your activity stats, it’s dominated by the lounge idling and liking memes back and forth. I can’t see that you also helped a bunch of people solve problems in various threads.
One solution would be to have the lounge be separate from the forum. People clearly seem attached to the lounge as a place to hang out with friends. I don’t see why that needs to be a forum thread though. It’s just a massive group chat with no organization or topic.


I mean.

That is an accurate representation of my forum activity. I very, very rarely come outside of The Lounge.

I do occasionally try to be helpful inside The Lounge when someone asks for help, as has been done for me in the past.

I’ve never put much time into looking at other peoples activity. I don’t know anyone else that does either.


how its 1 thread that stays towards the top of most recent?


How so? Its only one thread amongst many on the recent threads.

Do forum users really look at other peoples profiles to look for content?


And to add… what summary would be considered acceptable to be an L1T stud? I’m a nobody… ain’t bright, don’t code, don’t know Linux very well at all, ain’t in charge of anything here and just a forum fister. Is there room for people like me? Its almost like there is a distinct have and have nots forming.



navy seal copy pasta was too big :thinking:


Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face: