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Forum Meta Discussion 2019 1st Edition


I’m not going to pretend that such a scenario occurs often enough to justify the change. If the individual is not logged in they cant even click on a users name to get to their profile and I just verified this with Edge and Firefox


What’s the character limit for a thread title?


So what exactly is the bad thing about The Lounge? People that post there are bad? People that don’t post there are bad? There aren’t actual people in The Lounge just weirdos? Are weirdos people?


The Discord is actually a chat though. It’s not a forum thread being used as a chat. It’s not mixed in with the actual forum content. And I’m not saying to pull non-tech topics from the forum even, just to not shoehorn a chat room into a massive forum thread that buries legitimate content.


that’s not a slippery slope for a few individuals to be judging at all.


I’m not going to say its perfect but I will point out that freqlabs is the only person naysaying it at the moment. With that said I’m incredibly biased and unashamedly a staunch defender of it.


Not really sure how The Lounge buries “legitimate content”.

Not to mention that handy feature of sorting someones activity by threads created. Unlikely that The Lounge will show up there.


There are existing rules about low-effort posts.

As an experiment, look through your own forum activity. All of your lounge posts are indexed in their full glory. Is that the record of your contribution to the forum that you want recorded? I just think that the lounge should not be a part of the forum.


So close it. That was my original suggestion. Close it, and see how things go.


Well as long as fisters are allowed to post there I’m cool with it. I just wonder what the uproar is about on one thread.


Not everyone has the time or energy to put in that sort of effort, but still wants to feel apart of the community in some small way.

That’s what I find The Lounge is best at.


Actually, I will remove this image in order to respect your NOMEME campaign.

I think you’re being a little overdramatic. To Goblin’s point:

In every forum of the history of forums ever this has not ended well.


Dec 31,2018


I know I would leave.

Also anyone advocating for no meme’s has automatically rendered their opinion invalid to me.


Lmao this! We lost RedGek/Akokaison/SovietGek (RIP)


How do you feel about your activity being logged like this?



One can set their accout to private.


Or make separate accounts I guess if they want to make positive contributions to the community visible. probably shouldn’t do that.


Being logged like what?

I wrote a ton of wikis on my old account that got 15 - 30 likes. 0 engagement (outside of maybe 2). Likes are cool and all but what you’re saying, legitimate content, contributions, etc. doesn’t seem to be what the forum wants. They want drama, like Intel dropping the ball or the CEO sleeping around, they don’t want actual things that foster growth and knowledge, imo.


I fixed the post, sorry. Click the image.