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Forum Meta Discussion 2019 1st Edition


THe mods should reply to you in the DMs. Although they don’t get back to you :100: percent of the time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Because when you flag something a DM gets sent to the mod group and then one of them replies to you.


Apparently based on @kewldude007 that is not the case.


How so?


Example based on what I see as bashing vs not bashing (sorry apple).


Apple is a piece of shit company, none of their products are worth the money, why the fuck do people still buy their shit?


I really dislike Apple as a company due to their marketing tactics being largely misleading. You can get a comparable laptop around the same specs of a macbook for a fraction of the cost on another manufacturer as long as the OS isn’t your main objective.


I think kewldude just meant that yes, it is bashing.

To Adubs point, you can be critical of a company without insulting the people that aren’t of the same line of thinking.

Saying “John Deer is corrupt, anyone that supports them are worse than pedophiles” is not the same thing as “John Deer’s anti-consumer practices are not something I support, considering their stance on right to repair. I won’t be a customer as long as this attitude persists”


Also people should use tags when they create threads. I believe the only users that can’t use tags are tl0 users.

I also hate the three tag philosophy. I liked it better when their was no tag limit. 3 is too few. I like tags.


A lot of times the last tag drops, too :confused:


There are a lot of redundant tags, dude. You can overtag your thread and still not give enough information as to what it is all about.
I get your point, but the tags are ultimately here as an extra description to add to the subforum classification. For example, there already is game development subforum. I don’t need to tag my thread on that forum with game development tag as well, nor with development tag… It’s redundant. I’m in the game development forum.


I’m bad at explaining what I want. But I know what I want. :stuck_out_tongue:
I want me unlimited tags.

But your right. The right tags should be used to help tldr the thread or to give an overview of the thread so you know what your working with before entering the thread.

Like if you got boot failure and your using fedora and you have an AMD board the tags you could use are.

#helpdesk #boot-failure #x399 #fedora28 #850evo #grub-version

And the title could be: “can’t get past grub”


I will acknowledge my own bias in the fact that I have, in this thread, defended the Lounge pretty strongly. I could also post a long essay explaining why we need the Lounge and why, again, most of the criticism seems to come from people who don’t use it.

But let’s try something for the sake of science. I vote, as a Lounge regular, that we close the Lounge for 3 months. No replacement threads, no adjustment of rules for other threads [ie no memes or gifs], and no take-backs. We close the Lounge for 3 months, and see what happens. We’ll see if the forum gets more activity, if the quality of posts improves, and if user interaction is smoother and less aggressive in other posts.


thats gonna be a no from me dawg


i’m not trying to be confrontational, but we have this discussion every single time someone wanders in there when it’s bad, and runs screaming, nailing their thesis on why it shouldn’t be allowed onto every lamp post they can find.

Okay, if the Lounge is so horrible, close it for 3 months. Let’s see if things improve.


You don’t need to close the lounge for that…
I am pretty happy some people are mainly in the lounge and less outside it. This is why for a second month in the row I am having the lounge muted.
If those people are set free outside the lounge I may have to mute the entire forum, that is to say stay away from it.
But let’s be fair here. The lounge is no 4chan. If people want 4chan they are free to go to 4chan. There are rules, and just like in real life you are supposed to follow the rules so are you here.
The lounge is already pretty loose when it comes to following rules, so giving it even more freedom can only be detrimental. We will be full of people that are asked to stop and they don’t. My guess is you rather we don’t get full of those kinds of people…


I’m not going to allow a loud minority affect something that benefits a number of users. The existence is not a detriment to the forum and the two act almost separately to the point of this type of division being put into peoples heads.


The point I’m trying to make is that I realise I don’t run the forum and nobody in the Lounge thinks they do, so if the people who do have a say in decision making have dismissed the Lounge as full of riffraff, I am well behind an experiment to settle the debate rather than a quarterly rehash of it.


the staff treat it as a containment zone


If it’s a separate thing, make it a separate thing. The problem is, it’s not actually separate. If someone comes here and finds a great thread about VFIO and clicks on a user profile to see their other posts, maybe it would be better to not have the lounge history burying any useful thing that might have ever been posted. Just to give one example of a problem caused by the lounge.


If you have the info in the title it will hide the tags to remove the redundancy FYI. And it would be better I think to also have a descriptive title


I am willing to forgo the Lounge if the Discord has all non-tech related rooms pulled too.


Ahhhh. TIL. I always wondered why some didn’t show. :stuck_out_tongue: