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Forum Meta Discussion 2019 1st Edition


Hello and welcome to our quarterly forum meta discussion.
In this thread you are free to discuss your feelings on the state of the forum. This may include such topics as proposals for new rules or revisions of current rules, comments on how you feel moderation is being handled, proposals for new forum features (please be reasonable as Discourse is not magic) or other ideas you may have (user driven giveaways, get crackin threads, ideas for new badges, etc).

This thread will remain open and globally pinned for a period of two weeks and then be locked/unpinned. If you would not like it to appear in your feed as pinned, you can scroll to the bottom of the thread and unpin it for yourself.

If a topic is better served as its own thread a TL4 user may elect to split it off into a new thread where the topic can be discussed more easily.
(TL4 or Trust Level 4 users are any higher than Regular, this includes Leaders, Moderators, and Admins.)

Thread Rules:

This is not a lounge or Mega thread, please avoid shitposting. TL4 users decide what constitutes that on a case by case basis and may act upon it.

This is not a thread to flame users or staff. Constructive criticism is welcome but blatant violations of rule 4 and 6 will be dealt with accordingly.

Be prepared for the possibility of another user disagreeing with your opinions, act responsibly.

This thread will be open and visible for two weeks from January 1st to January 15th


New feature:

you can be extra super duper tinfoil hat now

mods can still see you though

preferences>interface>Hide my public profile and presence features



I don’t think there should be inactive leaders and moderators, nothing wrong with stepping down when you’re barely on the forum in the first place.

People looking up @leaders or @moderators should find that at least 90% of them are active users imo.


I would be fine with them keeping access, depends if they have school or something going on and cant be as active for awhile


There aren’t. There are only 3 inactive mods

@NJM1112 (cause he has an extra T H I C C busy life
Zoltan (he ded… and is not active… I could understand him being removed as mod)
@Alamar comes and goes. But he’s mostly active… just not on the lounge




Visible confusion


we’ve been discussed this a day ago and the list is quite small, there is the case of TJJ226_Angel were we are aware of their life situation at the moment is affecting their activity, the same for njm1112


Linux master is also a leader but is rarely if ever active in the leader role


we are also discussing a new inductee class of leaders but the list is small, ~3 at the moment


Leaders i consider inactive


I have nothing against these people, but they shouldn’t be @trust_level_4


Can we get OG @Fouquin to be more active since that Fucker that used to irritate him is no longer here?




I take action whenever something happens in front of me, if not it’s usually fixed by the time I get on
Outside of spam clean up, most of what mods do are observation based

So I could see where it looks like we don’t do anything hardly

(Though I probably do the least out of all the mods since I watch the lounge)


freqlabs has his rank because he is essentially the discord leader

Tjj226_Angel again has some sort of difficult situation

I agree with all the others though


I think you (mods) do your job just fine.

My point is I don’t think any inactive user should be @trust_level_4 for any reason.


I think kiaxa has been here since raze the w0rld so that’s probably why he’s still lv4
Trevvstem was lounge dad and pretty wholesome but haven’t seen him in a while


Alright, here goes.

  1. Mods don’t apply the rules consistently.


This is the biggest gripe I have, depending on the mod, time of day or cosmic ray, same/similar actions can have widely different outcomes when it comes to mods applying the rules.

Examples being:

  • me posting suggestive but not lewd anime gif (the food wars one) vs photo of almost naked ass: Photography from the community
  • me creating the “temp-lounge” getting insta closed vs @admindev making one and it’s k
  • multiple instances of people shittalking, some get suspended, some not

L1T channel makes you think L1T forums would be all for freedoms and shit, but the forums are actually gradually getting more and more closed up. So much for “don’t tread on me” folks.

  1. Mods decide the rules by themselves

What’s the point of making a forum if the users are treated like EA treats their players, minus the cash. As just cattle. For EA they just make money, for the forums they just make it look alive. If all you want is lounge and QA type of posts. Just move the QA to Stack Exchange and Lounge to discord and be done with it. Why not be more transparent. This thread helps. But I didn’t feel no change after my anon vacation.

  1. Speaking of rules, the new changes are subpar.

Really, word banning? Fuck context? IMO there’s no reason to ban certain words. What about the single lounge rule? No one wanted that, and in the end there are still multiple mega_threads. So what was the point?

  1. The forum got slower.

Roll back pls.

Anyways this is it. I gave the forum another go, but it looks like me and mods are incompatible. I like to have some dumb fun from time to time, but the olde days of lounge are done. No more fun allowed. We’re seriosu forums now. Mkay.

Pls don’t ban me yet, let me say few goodbyes in PMs.


The problem is that you are trying to testify against our duties, which falls into the trolling category. I, and the others, have been tracking your behaviour and it’s not in good standing at least to say.


I am sitting here, reading this garbage and laughing…
“Whine whine the mods are bad, they spank me bad for breaking the rules” and here I am, 5-6 years user, havent been warned, haven’t been suspended, etc etc.
You know, if you don’t act like an ass you will not have the moderators treat you like one and surprise - the mods will not abuse their powers and what not…

BTW I don’t have any issues with anything but a couple assholes in the lounge, bit I found the mute button so they can be assholes away from me.