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Forum Meta Discussion 2018 4th Edition


just like the church of the people who use the discord light theme

praise be the holy light


Care to give examples that don’t involve yourself? Because that coming from someone with an anonymized account and several warnings already doesn’t exactly hold up.


Leaders and Moderators all have their own personal biases, but when we act in an official capacity, we do our best to act objectively and always get at least one other person (of our trust level or higher) to agree on our actions ahead of time.

We have a guidebook, we also have internal discussions on the off chance that something was done that leadership doesn’t agree with.

Elitist attitude of who, the leadership? I don’t consider myself above anyone else on the forum, additionally, I don’t know of any leadership members who see themselves that way.

If you have specific concerns you’d like to address in private, please PM me, I’d be happy to help come to a solution.

I agree to you to an extent. There is a fair bit of flaming and intense discussion (particularly in the Linux areas, where I frequent), so I’d like to see a bit more professional discussion.

Could you give some specific examples, so we can try to come up with a solution or plan of action?


Thats an interesting thought.
And i´m not fully sure what makes you think that way?
But like @Phantom suggested feel free to pm us mods some examples.

That is definitelly a thing that is on our agenda.
At the end of the year we are going to do an evaluation on items like moderation and leaders etc.
And if we think that we need to expand our mod team,
then we might do that somewhere early next year probablly.
Because our goal is to keep the global coverage on moderation as efficient as possible.
Potential kandidates will be informed about it.


Still waiting for that per-user setting for wide or small text box for posts.

Also moar themes. Lets propose some themes from the community. Personally I’d love a deep black and red theme so the forum matches my terminals :3


I’d like something like what a forum I used to troll on used. Where there were colors people could pick for each part of the forum. So everybody could have a customized forum appearance.


Thats an interesting thought.
And i´m not fully sure what makes you think that way?
But like @Phantom suggested feel free to pm us mods some examples.

At this point in time I have given up hope on these message boards ever becoming something more friendly. I have many a time mentioned things that make this community what it is which uptight and like I said before in an episode of L1T they mentioned about catering to the normies as it could grow their revenue. Normies don’t want harmless posts that are on topic flagged while in The Lounge the world is being set on fire.

As for providing examples I am not going to waste my time on going back looking for bs that was taken down because you mods have seen stuff you know if L1T wants normies would not be something to be taken down.

I honestly can’t believe the **** allowed in The Lounge at times (racist, disgusting pedo-like crap and the supposed political talk that is not allowed … unless you are one of the group of people that get away with anything) and I think that if you need more controls on what is posted it would be there.

Anyway I am wasting my time.


You have the examples probably in logs and I am not going to go find them. I am not wasting my time on something that will never be fixed. Anyway L1T good luck on getting the normies with what you do with this site.

Also elitist / biased is what I meant and it is fact that certain posts that are similar to what I do stay up whereas mine are taken down. In fact it made me sick not that long ago I had a post that was on topic answering the question and it was taken down. It doesn’t matter if the answer was not liked by the people that reported it. It was a legit answer to a question. I am sure it was in a thread about “What would you do if Linux was no longer?” or something like that. Look at the post I made that was taken down and it should not have been if the mods were properly handling that situation.


I just looked at the logs for that thread. Your post was the only one flagged, and it was agreed upon by THREE (3) members of our staff to be off topic because you posted “I will laugh and cheer. LOLinux!” in that thread, which was seen as off topic by several people. Two people that flagged both of your posts, and then three team members that agreed.

so at least 5 people thought it was off-topic. That’s hardly a bias. There is no vendetta against you.


I believe they didnt go that route as they are not linus tech tips (it has its place but is more geared towards the more casual person. Yes they are trying to get people more educated but they arent catering to normies more just trying to provide support and if you look at any thread with @helpdesk or someone asking a question the forum in generally helpful with everyone regardless of level of knowledge.

The lounge isnt that bad, what was the last political talk? There is anime crap, but I woudlnt say its pedo its not like people are posting nude anime girl or anything its more of just the meme style of anime stuff. There is probably a few rasist style memes but nothing that is said in a hateful way or with malice behind it imo. (See the rascist meme with the black kids) You can flag content or tell people that they are breaking the rules and I have done that before and they usually edit it.

I feel like you view that if its not your view of the rules its wrong, but I have never seen you ask someone to stop doing something or tag @M0derators or something like that to try and make it better.


What’s the part of “If you don’t like what you see but it’s fine for that thread, ignore it” don’t you understand? The Lounge is there to contain all of the O/T posts from spreading everywhere. Even I know it is full of what you said, some of those things weren’t warranted for a flag, as it hasn’t tread well over the rules.

Anyway, if you don’t like what you see, keep it to yourself and prevent yourself from exploding your tantrum over it. No one wants to see you (and this goes out for some of those other people if I’ve missed out) throwing a fit over something very minor. It’s not your forum. If you want to go ahead and create a forum where you have the power to enforce the rules by yourself, by all means, go ahead.


Just to clarify a bit how moderation works on these forums. To alleviate any qualms about bias.

We, as moderators, very rarely go out and scour posts or threads for things that violate rules.

99% of the actions we take are as follows.

Someone posts something that may violate a rule or be off-topic or for X reason
That flag appears at the top of our forum.
We open the flags and review it.
We either accept the flag, which hides the posts and sends the Wendelbot PM, or we don’t agree with the flag and it does nothing.

To reiterate. 99 of the time, we take NO ACTION until someone has found offense with a post.


I do this, however, I work the graveyard shift and have nothing better to do.


It wasn’t off topic. I answer the question. You and the others didn’t like the answer. Lighten up!


It was found to be off topic by 5 different users.

I wasn’t involved. Obviously you don’t know what you’re talking about if you’re blaming me. Maybe get some facts first.

You’re the one causing a fuss and playing victim. You lighten up. You’re making a big deal over nothing.


What was the post it could be off topic by not being constructive that might be the disconnect here


While being technically correct, it was nonconstructive, and, lent itself to be a troll post.

Let me ask you this, @CPUBG , since you run a fan page.

If you asked a question along the lines of, “What will you do if team X loses this year?”

And you saw a reply with, “Laugh LOLOLOLOL”, what would you do? Flag it, remove it? Say it was non-constructive?

Playing the victim for threads like this where you feel you were ‘wronged’ doesn’t really hold up. Honestly, we don’t give a single cold fuck about what you do here, so long as it abides by the community standards. The people who flagged it were other members.

In conclusion, just try to also see your post from more than just your perspective. It will go a long way. Thank you.


The leadership isn’t able to be in the lounge 24/7. If you think something violates the rules, feel free to flag it and mods will get notified. They will look at it and decide how to move forward.

I agree that the Lounge gets a bit much for me at times, so I tend to stay out of it. If you don’t like it, I encourage you to do the same. I’ve probably got 40 posts total across all the lounges since I joined L1T.

Leaders can’t look through moderation logs, but I can’t help you unless there’s an example of us acting in a way you don’t like. I can’t read your mind, so I can’t help you in that way.

Yes, I remember that one specifically. You were attempting to start an OS war, so people flagged it. You specifically posted in a Linux thread mocking the supposed idea of Linux going away. If you’d actually read the thread, people were discussing alternative kernels and OS, so your comment was, in fact, off topic as well as being a poor attempt at starting a flame war.

I was. I detailed the agreement among leadership above. I would share the internal discussion, but that’s against decorum.


I don’t go to the lounge. Some say I do, but that’s not me, that’s NotEden.


I hope others will see their post from different perspectives also in the future especially in The Lounge. Thanks.

Oh and about that question you mentioned and what I would do about it in my group well I would accept plain answers but I would message the person to remove the LOL especially if it is ripping on someone. In fact the whole post would be removed then if the LOL was not removed. Thing is though there is a thing called context or whatever and so if they made something funny without harming people I might let the LOL slide.

So with that said I answered the question properly and was not asked to remove the LOL if that bothered anyone. I was not given a chance to edit the post. Maybe that is something to look at in the future instead of mods just striking stuff down right away.