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Forum Meta Discussion 2018 4th Edition


It sorts by topic. Enter the lounge and search for what you want specifically in there



Still only 50 results even when you do show more

and at lounge pace thats still 1 day only of how far back that is

So in any larger thread its useless IMO and thats assuming i remember what specific thread it was in


discourse was never built to handle mega threads like the lounge. The reason the lounge was restarted every month is because it was putting strain on the server


Is this search weakness tied to discourse or is this a weakness across pretty much all forum options? Why does long threads put strain on the system?


Just the way it handles it. As for any kinda of super specifics i would either ask the devs or look at the code.


I asked about it being enabled a while ago, I can’t remember if it was turned on or not, if it was the forum update may have turned it off. Maybe @wendell will consider turning it on again :smiley:


Grey-ish black would be better imo.


How much work is it to get a black theme?

I know I’m nagging about a darker theme, but I’m curious to know if there’s a lot of work or just plug & play.


Ask @kreestuh I think she made the current theme.


Like Eden said, Kreesta does the forum design for the most part (I believe?) So it depends on if she has any spare time to change the theme up.


that’s basically what i was saying


my amoled phone could really use some #000000


Be default its as simple as choosing the colors for the theme but kreestuh will probably have todo some custom CSS work


i just threw something together with stylus (works like stylish but not taken over) for a minimal oled theme (removes a lot of elements, auto hiding nav bar) on another discourse based forum i was originally making for use on my phone

im also not very good at css but it works and i like using it


im not sure if its handled the same way on these forums but on the other discourse forum im on the mods could just take css and add it to the themes list in preferences, so if someone is willing to make the css for it we could probably have a new theme easily

there are also some settings you cant change with css that you can in theme options i believe, like avatar size

im personally biased towards larger avatars since im used to them from the other website but it would be nice to have a version of a theme where that was an option


Suggestion to clarify some rules such as self advertising

Currently not “rule” but is still flaggable…:thinking:


I think moderation has shown bias and there is a need for some new moderators. I also think the community needs to lighten up to attract so called normies that L1T had said in a video they thought they need more of to generate more revenue. Attempts at humor that is on topic should be allowed in threads where it has been removed in the past. Heck I have even had posts removed when it wasn’t even humor and it was on topic. The elitist attitude needs to be driven from these forums to attract more people.

In regards to the subject of the color of the site I think it fits. It is Intel-like in terms of color and looks pc-ish. Now I am a big fan of black but really the blue here is dark enough to make it work. I loved the old Tek Syndicate and going back to black would be a reminder of this. Also I love Adidas but just don’t need black on this site.


While that sounds good and dandy feel free to suggest anyone you actually think could perform the task.


It’s possible to have multiple themes for people to pick based on preference


Currently available: Level1 Dark Them and Retina destructor Also called “L1 Light Theme”