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Forum Meta Discussion 2018 4th Edition


That’s something we’re playing around with for leaders/mods. It’s not a bad idea.

The “Leader” tag (to the right of my username) might be better though, but it won’t work for people who have custom tags like @kewldude007.


isn’t l1t already dark?


blue is not dark enough for some

they want this


huh. i mean, the main purpose of dark theme is to reduce eyestrain, which this does… lol




I’ve tried dark reader for a couple of days and it tries to do something but nothing much has changed. The forums I visit give a flicker where I can see what a dark theme would look like but it goes directly back to normal. I haven’t looked into it much deeper tho as time is short.


Feature request

Add No replies or maybe a Helpdesk tagged option so people who want to help dont have to dig super hard


Is possible to set it up for that.



in the mean time use this link https://forum.level1techs/tags/helpdesk

Search -> Options


or just use this link as well


That may be true, but it’s a hell of a lot better than white.

When I’ve got headaches, I can’t browse light colored pages, but the forum with the blue theme is just fine.


Search is trash 100% trash never returns all the results

Also would want it to be always up there, less work the better


Where is this I dont see it on the main page and dont see a toggle in my profile for this

NVM understand that isnt set up, DOH


Its not perfect but work with what you got atm. Still better than nothing


true why is search so bad though, it misses posts even when i narrow it down a lot


Is does a semi-lossy indexing to keep resource usage to a minimum as it can get really out of hand on large discourse install.


is our server that taxed? or is it just best practice

is it possible to have a toggle for people of a certain level or group to have a verbose search?


best and general practice. imagine trying to search through every 100k+ topic on the forum for phrase X. it could take forever to dig through possibly 100+GB of data. Even with multi threading it would take days.

This is what you use indexing for. You break down a large amount of data into something that you can just kinda flick through to get close enough to what your looking for.

The problem isnt that it cant be done but its just not worth doing.


I mean when i narrow it down to a topic and it return like 15 posts when there are thousands it kind of makes search pointless

I tried narrowing dates etc still was trash


if your not happy with discourses search then just use google or duckduckgo :woman_shrugging:

Displayport KVM


To expand upon this.

Imagine you’re looking for a file in a cabinet for a specific phrase.

Now you could sift through every single file to find it, and you would.


You could index parts of files and then sift through that and it would generally work most of the time and be loads more efficient.

People do this by breaking up their filing cabinets by the year or by type. Like ‘taxes’, ‘car’, etc.


shows 2 posts when they have
589 in the lounge alone

its just like really 2 results basically only useful for topic searching

Im not asking for it to have every result but thats not even 1%