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Forum Meta Discussion 2018 4th Edition


that’s exactly what is awful about the hardware suggestions atm. Someone walks in, with no particular thoughts or ideological bias, and asks what they should get for their next gaming PC. They then tend to get preached to, even in passive aggressively vague ways, that they shouldn’t be supporting $EVIL_COMPANY.

THAT IS AWFUL. I CANNOT underscore how much I cringe when I see this.

I think as loads of people have already stated, making more rules would both just flat out not work, and encourage more trolling and more moaning about heavy handed mods. My initial comment was mostly to keep reminding people that we can all do better in so far as not just shrugging and letting fanboys control the thread. BRING the facts, POST benchmarks, LINK articles. Then let the OP decide.


This is true. A new user comes in to ask a question, one user mentions something, another disagrees, and then the comments turn into a war between users, with the OP not even bothering to reply because of the clusterfuck that the thread turned into. It’s terrible. There’s so much in-fighting in a lot of threads that new users get discouraged.


Ok I had this idea about a badge/group some time ago and wasn’t sure how to implement it. Here is what I am thinking about.

Builders badge/group: People who are quite reasonable with the builds they suggest and provide adequate reasoning behind their suggested hardware (it is in line with the person’s needs). The thing is I am not sure how those people should be selected. (Leaders can choose them and down the line people who have proved themselves can be added???) Mind you this does not mean that people who are not in this group are discouraged to make suggestions but in this way I think that fanboism can be somewhat bypassed.

Feel free to build upon this idea and improve it how you see fit. This is what I can come up with for the moment.


And that’s fine. However in a thread entitled “what do y’all prefer?” it is open to OPINION.

It was NOT a thread entitled
“Which card is best”
“Which card runs faster”

It was asking US what WE prefer.

I.e., it was not asking for benchmarks, performance information, or whatever.

It was asking for personal preferences. Hence, they were given. With supported reasoning. Saying “that’s pretty weak” in response to a PERSONAL OPINION in a PERSONAL OPINION requested thread is… piss-weak.


Is this a place where we could ask for new features? Cause if so, I’d love to.


Go for it.


I’d love a new dark theme. Maybe one that has a bit more contrast between threads and replies? Or something similar. I’m shade blind, and have difficult time distinguishing between them.

I also, know this forum used to give me notifications when I would get replies when I was on another webpage, but lately, I don’t get those notifications anymore. Did I do something, or was it taken out?


windows desktop notifications?
preferences > notifications > check this button





kind of exists


Ah I see.

So no badge then.

Just a group like there is a patreons group there could be a builders group.


unless there was a badges thing next to your username or something no one is going to dig to see how good you are


I was thinking posts from said users could look something like the moderators post.


Thats a exclusive staff feature. Wouldnt catch your eye as much if everyone could use it


What would the benefit of this be?


Of the (1)builder group or the (2)different colour? Not sure what “this” refers to

(1) This is just a suggestion on how to avoid hardware suggestion threads turning into fanboys arguing about their favorite brand.

(2)There was a question how to distinguish posts from users in the builders group and I thought that a different colour could be a solution.


I suppose both.

Perhaps rather than a color, we could have a tag, similar to how my name has “Leader” next to it?

Thanks for clearing it all up though.


imo it is on OP to structure their thread in a way to prevent that


Question: Don’t people in certain group get those little “badges” on their profile pics like this?
image image

I guess this could be easily recognizable.


currently those are set for leaders mods and patrons