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Forum Meta Discussion 2018 4th Edition


Depends on what it is. If its actual community stuff, then no we want to keep the people who just use this place as their personal helpdesk out.

Not that it’s bad to ask a question, but there are a lot of “one and done” people.

Also, if they are a lurker, and they have spent more than an hour of time across 15 non-consecutive days then they will be TL2 anyway.

You can read more about trust levels here.


I’m not even sure limiting a users posts to a certain tier level on a user-by-user basis is even possible, with either Discourse or our workforce.


I believe Wendell wants the forums to be available to EVERYONE. So I think this suggestion isn’t in the spirit of what wendell wanted with these forums. @Dynamic_Gravity.

But that’s just my insight to it all.


I’m not saying keep everyone out except some cherry-picked individuals. Just certain areas for those who don’t really want be a part of the community.


Some threads I’m happy to share with everyone and have picked up by search engines, such as my server build or installing windows drivers in command prompt through a VM.

Others I want to wall off from web crawlers and people that won’t invest any time into the community. Like my software development or home remodel projects.

I would like to post more personal projects, but self censorship is one virtue I follow. Allowing users some control over their content is one way I’d be willing to share more.


the off topic section is not visible to google or unregistered visitors


I agree. It’s not in the spirit of Level1.

I think we should focus on trying to reduce the amount of shitposting outside of the lounge though. That may help.


I had some topics moved there and unlisted for now. Mods unaware will move them, such as my bike thread which was in off topic on purpose…


If we ever do something you disagree with please reach out, you may move it back to off topic if you like, I’d recommend adding a note in the OP stating you wish for it to remain there


And maybe a tag or note in the op is the best route. It satisfies my needs.
As long as the mod team is good and its an understood method that doesn’t ruffle feathers when things are not in the proper category.


Overall I am quite happy with how the forum is currently functioning; I have no complaints.

I did see some issues in the thread that I would like to put my .02 into though.

I understand that there are a lot of Linux users, and AMD folks on this forum. This can be both a strength and a weakness as far as recommending hardware.

Some will go out of their way to recommend hardware that is best for the given use case, others will recommend what they like, for no other reason than that is what they like. While I do see recommending hardware, based upon preference, to someone that doesnt know any better a disservice, I think it is the responsibility of the OP to sort out the noise.

Said another way, I dont use forum advice as a substitute for learning about the topic at hand and doing my own research. It is always important to keep forum posts in perspective; posts are people’s opinions, and should be taken as such. While they may be valuable, they should be taken as a single piece of information in the reaearch process.

All of that said, and taken in the manner described, I have always felt very confident in the information I have gathered on this forum.

There are a lot of IT pros and folks that know more about their topics of interest than most other places I have come across. This is a strength, not a weakness.


Well pretty much nothing really.

I have been hurting my head arround this aswell for manny years allready.
But yeah its the general nature of how such kind topics float really.
Most people have some kind of a bias towards the stuff they use and will voice their opinions on that.
Its simply the nature of such kind of topics.
it goes like that on pretty much every tech forum out there.

I dont really see any viable ways to prevent bias.
I mean not everybody has an objective point of view on stuff.
And there is nothing wrong with that basically, as long as it doesnt get too ugly.
Of course wenn things get ugly and turn into a childish fan war,
we could pm said users involved to calm down and delete irrelevent posts.
But other then that, i dont really see any viable options.

I think that the main cause of topics go into a fan war,
is often caused by the “op” lacking certain important things like budget and use case scenario´s etc.
But we allready have a guide on how to create a build a pc topic.
And i believe that we also have a topic about choosing the right linux distribution.
I think those cover most of it.


Seriously? It’s a discussion point mate, on a heavily linux centric forum…

the caveat was “if you care about linux getting anywhere”.

if you don’t, the advice doesn’t apply. its not that hard. @wendell himself has recommended vega for Linux quite heavily.


We very much are, but that doesn’t mean the original poster will be. In that thread people were recommending hardware solely based on what they thought would be better for them and their community, not what might be best for that user.

If you can’t take yourself out of the equation when recommending hardware, it may be better to not speak about it.

Open source isn’t absolutely better, but it can be a really great alternative.

I’m not against stating why you think x is better, but there has to be a foundation behind that argument. Some one saying x is better because it is open source is a weak argument, it needs to be explained why open source is better and how it benefits the user.


Hence the caveat “if you care about linux getting anywhere”. Which i’m sure the OP and anyone else can read and understand. And take on board or discard as appropriate for their purposes. Just because the OP started a thread, it doesn’t mean the OP is the only one who might be reading the thread or googling it and ending up in said thread for advice.

The user did not mention what platform it would be used on and again, is posting on a forum with a significant linux centric user base.

Sounds like some people are desperate for stuff to complain about.

seriously, how many times have you googled for info and ended up in a forum post and used it to make a decision or solve a problem without being the OP? for me? heaps. I’m not alone i am sure of that.

Thats your opinion. I’m of the opinion that open source drivers are better for everybody even if you aren’t currently a linux user. At some point there may be a breaking point for anyone with windows, be it cost, privacy, bugs or whatever.

If that point is 10 years in the future and say, 3d on linux died due to lack of driver support then you’re fucked.

Having healthy alternatives, even if you do not currently use them is important. Both to have a plan B and also to improve plan A via competition. Linux will not be a healthy alternative in the future without proper support.

Saying “because it is open source is a weak argument” without elaboration is itself a WEAK ARGUMENT without back up reasoning.


Depends on the context, are we solving an issue or just purely suggesting hardware?
In this case, the thread was purely for the OP regarding hardware.

The forum may be Linux centric, but you cannot automatically assume that of all users.


Care to elaborate? The way this is worded surely cannot be limited to gaming.

This is true, but I am not about to recommend an inferior product just for sake of making the alternative better.

If the support isn’t there to begin with, why would I want to recommend it to someone who hasn’t asked for it.



Since this involves me


And i supplied supporting suggestions as to why.

Again. With the caveat “if you care about Linux getting anywhere”.

Don’t? Then the advice does not apply. Anyone who can read and pass say pre-teen reading comprehension should not have difficulty with that concept. Unless they are looking for something to whine about under a pre-dertermined agenda.


People quit the forum cause some can’t get this into their skulls.


So maybe we make a rule against fanboyism in hardware suggestion threads so we can just start flagging and hiding posts from those people?