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Forum Meta Discussion 2018 4th Edition


94% close enough and makes it look even worse


I dont think I would consider myself an adult all the time.

I dont mean physically adult.


If you’re old enough to drink alcohol, fuck, and pay taxes you’re an adult. No matter how childish you may act at times.

At least, that’s why my father told me.


Yep. My father is in his 60s. He still gets drunk and acts like an absolute goon sometimes.


The ‘Greatest’ generation.


That might work for most, but dont forget there are some high functioning “challenged” people here. I’m probably somewhere on the spectrum myself.

No offense intended for any that might fall into that category.


And the best thing we can do is treat them like adults.

When they’re out of line, we tell them what they did and why it’s not okay, just like everybody else.

Sometimes though, those individuals take a bit more handholding to get them to change, but the general process is the same.


Actually he is a Baby Boomer I think.

The worst generation.


the entire problem is where the line is or isnt


As a generation, maybe. But not all boomers are awful.


Well, that’s why we, as leaders and mods, have discretion.

People get upset about us acting in ways that aren’t strictly defined in the rules, but this is a perfect example of why we do that sometimes.


My friend, for the sake of this country and the world I hope you are right.


Pre or post texit? Because the user base is quite a lot different now I think.

Anyway, L1t needs a windows shill on the team to help balance the numbers. Rules won’t solve this. The content is basically attracting people interested in Linux, they post about it driving the seo and that will make it grow even further into Linux help desk.


Admindev used to be our window shill.



TekSyn’s tos stated it as an 18+ site while L1 is 13+

That alone made no difference imo.


In that thread regarding the title (paraphrasing) what do you guys prefer, I admit, that I didn’t read the original post very well. It didn’t seem very specific. I decided to state what I prefer, for my reasons. I didn’t intend to fanboy, but if I did, I’m sorry. I just gave an example of why I went to AMD hardware.

I seriously didn’t mean to fanboy AMD. If I did, I appologise.


He got converted…




shhhhh’d myself


Hmmm, why though?

Don’t you think that this is kind of an “against the community” move.

What if there is someone who is a lurker(and tl_1) and would find your threads informative but he wouldn’t be able to see them. I don’t think that limiting peoples pool of available threads is good move.