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Forum Meta Discussion 2018 4th Edition


Well sure, but the idea of locking a thread just because you didnt ask a question in a specified way or you might have left out one little detail would likely cause frustration and drive people away from ever asking potentially.


maybe my opinion is just as invalid since I only look at the top end of performance because im in the 5ish percent of users with pixels to take advantage of expensive hardware

The same as people saying you should care about linux support in a thread inquiring about gaming

while neglecting that linux is for example less than a percent of the steam install base


i was thinking something like a simple form to fill out and c/p that into the text box. Such as, what are you using your machine for, etc.


If there are not specific requirements for a question, then people are free to expand their rationalle how they please. It is up to the reader to use their critical thinking skills to discern whether or not aforementioned rationalle holds credence to begin with.

Yes, I did. It is a proven fact, or, it is at least at a state where most of the time there is no/low issue. There might be some people who undoubtfully beat their chest to this, but I don’t think you should lump us all in the same boat.

I made my choice, and I provided a snippet of rationale as to why. I think that is fair.


you wouldn’t even have to enforce the form as mandatory, but HIGHLY RECOMMEND people take 5 minutes to fill it out. And if don’t do that, you can politely suggest it in the thread if they haven’t already given enough information.


^^^^^^^^^ This.

Realistically even in any thread, if a user does not know how to solve the problem the OP has and a limited amount of info is given, that user should ask the OP to try and contribute more info to the thread.

The data that that user was able to extract from the OP would be helpful for others to know.


You’re absolutely correct, and I agree with what you’re talking about, but we cant be sure. This forum has kind of become popular with the linux community for things like looking glass, the large number of linux users here who do game, etc.

We cant assume one way or the other. They could very well be coming to us because of that.

I did not do that. I did however point out that its not necessarily relevant to the topic since we dont know anything about the OS of choice. Suggesting AMD because of the linux drivers when the user may full well intend on using windows is a moral decision.


OP (bot) should’ve made a poll if he wanted such cut-and-dry answers.


technically the low effort #4 rule but its not well defined as it cant be
in this specific case I am disappointed that OP has not replied in over 24 hours and I am inclined to close it because of it


For that thread, sure, but again I think @goblin is just using that as an example of the problems around the mentality. Echoing myself, I dont think theres anything that could really be done about it.


While I agree there’s a bias, I’m not sure what we can do about it. I think the bias is pretty well understood and lots of us try to balance it out.

I’m aware that I’m a bit of an AMD fanboy. That doesn’t stop me from recommending a 1080 ti to someone who wants to do VR on a vive pro or push 4k on the latest titles or get top tier performance from Linux.

Maybe we could institute rules or guidelines around fanboyism in certain threads. Hardware recommendation threads should be as unbiased or balanced, at least, as possible, but if you’re making a thread about new X vendor CPUs, let the circlejerk ensue.

I’m pretty much a Linux Zealot around here and that pissed me off.

If we want change, suggest a way to improve it and I’m game.


Quite literally, every other linux forum/subforum it’s like cancer. Those of us that just appreciate the tool and want to be excited about its advancements don’t really have a ‘home’ so to speak. We’re all like nomads trying to find a good place with good people.

So what if I’m part of 1% of gaming. I don’t give a fuck, I just want to game and this is the ecosystem I chose.


I’m not sure if anything can be changed without changing peoples’ posting habits. Just using that thread as an example I’m not sure if the OP knows different hardware is good for different things. They said they were confused in their post, so I asked what they were planning to do, they responded, and I gave my opinion. In, out, and done. However, if you only read the title I can see why people would talk about other things, the title was quite vague. It also might come from people thinking of the acerage user of this forum vs. the average user of the internet at large. This forum has a very strong userbase committed to Linux, and it definitely shows, but the entire internet userbase is overwhelmingly Windows. I can see why people would assume one way or another. It’d be nice if people posted relevant info in their topic, but many won’t.


I do not believe it is a solvable problem without becoming more authoritarian and arbitrarily defining tribalism and then simply axing users displaying the behavior but the staff here like to treat people like adults because that is about 90% of the user base here


You’re free to do that. I dont think anyone here is trying to attack the linux gamer.

To me its no different than distro zealots. Just apply that to GPU manufacturers.


Piggybacking on that, that is kinda why I was curious about another community survey. I could be remembering wrong, but I vaguely recall that some of these “biases” weren’t the majority in the last survey. Maybe it’s just the vocal minority?

I’ll have to check again.

EDIT: Yeah, majority Windows, Intel, and Nvidia. Should be interesting to see how it has changed.


Yeah. Zealots gonna’ zealot.


I think that you’re being awfully generous with that percentage.


Some months ago there was a poll for the age of the user base. Assuming everyone didn’t lie, its mostly between 20 and 30, and 99% male.

So I’d say we’re a homogeneous bunch.


which is what this place is for the most part, which is why it would be horrible if it became r/amd2, but I think that the memery of the situation is the stopgap even though it sometimes doesn’t work because we can’t meme zealouts [new word] outside of the Lounge.

As for rules, everyone is pretty much correct when they say more rules would both not work, and make the problem worse, which is why I stated it in my OP. But I do think we should continually be aware of it though.