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Forum Meta Discussion 2018 4th Edition


Thank you! :smiley:


Need more waitresses.

Possibly a bar as well with plenty of coffee stout.


Thanks for this. I have been using half assed extensions for years to combat the bright white webpages ( why doesn’t every website offer a dark mode, sigh ) LED monitors make white/blue light MUCH worse, especially on larger monitors ( i have a 32" screen )

Since moving to firefox i hadn’t found a good enough extension, this seems trustworthy enough, it’s FOSS after all and on github.

works on GOG nicely.



This is undoubtedly something the mods will have issues actually enforcing, but as I’ve said for a long time now, the MASSIVE bias towards AMD products is beginning to become more than a meme at this point. I don’t feel like the atmosphere is even remotely balanced any more and although MA and some other people will suggest neutrally, there is this feeling that if someone enjoys Windows and/or Intel products, they are going to have to push uphill against what I feel is a very silly, non-welcoming bias.

There’s not really anything that can be done, but I don’t think it’s making the forum better.


That ‘what do yall prefer’ thread is a shitshow of people recommending AMD because of its “superior” open linux drivers… OP didnt even state if he was using windows or linux.

Of course theres not much that can really be done about that. People are prone to brand favoritism and want to pretend AMD cares about them as consumers. At the end of the day AMD just wants sales and if they pander to a particular audience, its on that audience to make a judgement call to remove bias.


imo I dont think OP is going to reply either


i wasn’t really aiming to run and have a cry about that particular thread, but it’s just one of a very long running joke in the way a simple choice is now so distorted that people treat a CPU choice like a voting booth.


I know I said this thread is not for flaming users or staff but this post is a perfect example of this phenomenon

guilting people to use amd because of an os they may or may not use

peddling conspiracy


Its simply cognitive bias, which is human nature. We’re all guilty of it to some degree. The tribalism is strong here IMO but idk if its any worse than anywhere else. I have no reference.


it’s hilarious to me. I just want people to be offered advice on things in a reasonable manner as if we you know, know what we’re talking about.


it was much less prevalent before ryzen (on this forum)

their graphics division is still pathetic however yet people put them on some golden pedestal of wholesomeness


I dont want this to turn into a debate but in the mid range some of their cards can make sense. It varies by use case of course. Also in some foreign markets there is a much higher markup (or at least there used to be) of nvidia cards. I think thats why some of our foreign friends prefer them so much.

Its definitely annoying when people give biased advice but I dont see a way to avoid it honestly.


I have a whole spiel about this topic, but as far as constructive solutions are concerned, couldn’t there be a specific section for hardware RECOMMENDATIONS set up, which has a clear procedure for how to answer them included, as in, for a start, determining what the hell an OP wants? Like, have them put that in CLEARLY so that any moaning and bias can be at least spotted and curtailed?


well we also have a format for build a pc that no one uses so I think that wouldn’t help either


In what sense?

i.e. discussion, or advice on options for example.

The latter just reflects the position of the people. the former i think should be more rational and civil if discussing pros and cons.

Ive not seen many people bring up serious issues when discussion different chip manufactures.


they do! A lot of their stuff does! That’s the issue that annoys me most. AMD has a great lineup of products, but HONESTLY evaluating them for the task stated should be priority 1.


Like @kewldude007 already mentioned, the thread could have been a low key troll the whole time. Its really poes law here because we have NO information about the system as a whole and cant therefore make an accurate recommendation.

If we had rules about making a post what would they even look like?

It feels to me like it would be a bit heavy handed to enforce such a thing.


I would like the ability to limit my topics to only be viewed by a specified trust level. This includes bots and search engines.


You no follow rules, thread gets locked until you do.


Well, you and I personally I don’t think quite agree on the topic of Open Source and Linux in general so I’M mainly stating that before a person logs on, asked if he/she should buy AMD or Intel, and gets the whole schtick about Windows being an evil megacorp and Linux being superior launched at them, YOU may be thinking well that’s not wrong. But Joe Punter might not be remotely interested and that’s where I’m trying to come in to it from. Those people are not being given advice, they’re being given a sermon.