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Forum Meta Discussion 2018 4th Edition


Did you flag these things?

You can also PM a leader or mod if you want (flag it first though).


I flagged it many times but even clear cut stuff at times was not taken down.


A single flag doesn’t guarantee that something will be taken down, but that’s the point at which you can privately follow up with a leader or mod. Doing so will be more effective than publicly reacting to the offending post, especially reacting with outrage or condescension.



When you flag something a mod usually dms you.

If not you could always dm a mod about the flag and the reasons why you flagged it.


This is getting a bit out of hand right now.

@CPUBG , you have listed the reasons you think you were wronged, and the moderation/leader teams have responded on why the actions were taken, several times. If you still feel the need to continue this particular discussion, please PM a moderator or leader, or all active moderators/leaders. Include wendell as well for all I care. This thread is about bettering the forum, not a “staff Vs. one unhappy user” thread.

It only has 3 days left, so let’s keep it on track, yeah?


@CPUBG, message me the next time you have an issue and I’ll try to work through it with you if I’m around.


I responded to different people’s posts so it hasn’t gotten out of hand. Anyway the next time I have an issue I see someone has stepped up to have me go to them first and I will do so … oO.o (Leader).

Anyway enjoy the fact that I am not around much anymore. LOL!



I’d like to see another addition now that I think about it! Is there a way when you see the highlight of X number of updated posts at the top of the list of topics, when you click on those topics, they could stay highlighted maybe? Currently, they highlight for a short while, then fade to normal. And I get lost at what the new posts are.


There’s a tiny grey dot next to the timestamp for “unread” posts. Is that the “highlight” you’re talking about?

Additionally, you could always look at the timestamp…


Nope, when I click on the part that says “See 8 new or updated topics”, the posts will I highlight as they’re put onto the screen, but then they’ll fade. And by the time I look through the first couple, I’ll forget which ones were the new ones I haven’t read yet, and lose my place.


4 hours till lock


Can the “New” and “Unread” tab please not pop in and out of existance?


it should always be there.

unless you have no new or unread threads.


I just want them to be there all the time, no matter if there is something to see there or not.
Makes lurking a lot easier.


Oh, thanks for reminding me.

How about we have an option for the narrow/wide editor in user settings? Is that doable or do we need to talk to upstream for that?


This one?


Or these?


The former can be kind of annoying at times.


You can bookmark new. But it will be blank there’s nothing there if it isn’t showing up and it won’t auto populate if you leave it open I don’t think.


The second one.


If there are no new posts, how can there be a count of new posts? lol


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