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Forum Meta Discussion 2018 4th Edition


Hello and welcome to our quarterly forum meta discussion.
In this thread you are free to discuss your feelings on the state of the forum. This may include such topics as proposals for new rules or revisions of current rules, comments on how you feel moderation is being handled, proposals for new forum features (please be reasonable as Discourse is not magic) or other ideas you may have (user driven giveaways, get crackin threads, ideas for new badges, etc).

This thread will remain open and globally pinned for a period of two weeks and then be locked/unpinned. If you would not like it to appear in your feed as pinned, you can scroll to the bottom of the thread and unpin it for yourself.

If a topic is better served as its own thread a TL4 user may elect to split it off into a new thread where the topic can be discussed more easily.
(TL4 or Trust Level 4 users are any higher than Regular, this includes Leaders, Moderators, and Admins.)

Thread Rules:

This is not a lounge or Mega thread, please avoid shitposting. TL4 users decide what constitutes that on a case by case basis and may act upon it.

This is not a thread to flame users or staff. Constructive criticism is welcome but blatant violations of rule 4 and 6 will be dealt with accordingly.

Be prepared for the possibility of another user disagreeing with your opinions, act responsibly.

this is something I just wanted to have out there in case users have questions about why I pin so many threads

This screencap will only be in this edition and in no future editions

Flag.exe is where I talk to myself about things like this :thinking:


two weeks

  1. Any chance of the white theme getting fixed?
  2. Ever going to have another community survey? 23 October would be 18 months since the last one. I can run it if people want it but the normal folk don’t have time to run it.


Demand list from the official level 1 entitlement movement:

  • Dark Theme
  • Bring back 3 month necro rule


with the round avatars? there is no discussion about it at the moment





I don’t particularly care about the shape of the avatars, but I would like to be able to read posts on mobile.


I believe @kreestuh is the one to call for Forum appearances.


@kreestuh Is dark theme plug and play?


Is the default theme not dark enough for your soul?


Not even close, have you heard of vantablack?


I have. I’m not sure I can do that to your monitor.


7 posts were split to a new topic: iOS safari forum bugs


OLED monitors will be coming soon™


We deliberated about this extensively and ended up deciding that giving users more freedom is ultimately a higher priority than policing necros at 3 months.

The new policy has greatly reduced the number of negative/disciplinary interactions between leaders/mods and users.


I second this


I have started building one but need to finish it off. Iight put an editable link in the leader lounge for people for contribute.


Possibly the fastest dark mode extension I’ve ever used. It even supports inverting iFrames.


Are you using it right now for this site? Screencap?



With -20% Contrast

With 50% Contrast