Forum layout change

This is more suggestion (from personal perspective) than question.

Forum layout is confusing and non efficient to use, notification system is almost non-existent. All that combined makes very hard to trace topics (of interest), and reply times etc.

Why not using already well established standard for forums that is proved to be most efficient? It doesn't make sense at all, especially when having on mind that both Logan and Wendell love efficient things and stand for them (ex. Windows 8 video).

No need to go into inbox, but just consider it. Honestly, for me, it is nightmare to use this layout.

You know that works just like a normal forum?

it's in the works. they're working on a notification system. part of the reason that it operates so differently, is that it's custom-made from drupal. no v-bulleten, or anything like that.

I didn't know that, but it works same for me, last reply for example is not last post (maybe i didn't formed my post well).

PS, I'm on HTPS by default.

Thanks, maybe they should consider reply system, it is very non efficient and confusing for me (and i believe for majority of users).

I think the reply feaature is pretty cool, as it posts your reply in-line, and not at the end.

Agreed. People can follow a reply thread instead of having to piece the postings together to figure it out. Also you don't need to always do @blahblahblah to make sure you're getting the right person which is annoying.

I do not see it as a good idea in this environment because whenever you post a 'reply' to one post, all the other posts in front of it will be nudged ahead, making the whole system very confusing to users and hard for the admins and mods to moderate. A great idea though I come up with is that all the replies should by default be hidden under the comment that was replied to. When you want to see all the replies, just click to unhide. But again, this makes it very hard to moderate if we need to. The quotation system makes our productivity easier.

So in short, the 'indentation-style" reply system is the most useless implementation.

And that's my biggest complain. Why not using "standard" system, as on every single forum i know. Well, those are little things to consider i guess, at least "reply" function, since notifications are quite a bit of work to be done.

i agree. kinda wish the replies were more orderly. i like how to reply to a post you can just quote it.