Forum Competitions

Dear Logan, Wendell, the Tek Team and others;


First I have to say I think your videos and the tek community is great. It's awesome being surrounded by people that, for the most part, do their own tests instead of relying on others. However, after browsing the forums for a few months it seems to be getting a little dry. So, how about spicing things up a bit with competitions? For example, the "Unconventional Case Mod" competition where users have a certain amount of time to make an unconventional case and submit photos. Something to get the creative juices flowing. After a certain amount of time, the competition will close and a winner (or winners) will be chosen. From there, you can either give a prize like hardware, T-shirts, music, ect. Or even just a shout out in a video / leaderboard on the forums.


I believe this would be an excellent way to expand and strengthen the community. I hope you (and the community) feel the same.